Dragon Pet Door for Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors

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  • Cost-effective, removable panel with built-in pet door
  • Designed specifically for vinyl-framed sliding glass doors
  • Quick, tool-free installation, easily removable
  • Tough, two-piece flap for weather resistance
  • Allows your pet to come and go as they please 

The Dragon vinyl patio pet door insert is designed specifically for vinyl sliding glass doors. This panel fits more comfortably in your vinyl sliding door track than metal-framed panels for a seamless, weather-tight fit. Featuring a spring-loaded design, this panel installs quickly and easily, no tools needed. The Dragon Pet Door for Vinyl Sliders accommodates your unique insulation needs while allowing your pets the independence to come and go as they please. There are other installation types for the Dragon Pet Door. Already have a Dragon pet door? See which replacement flap fits your door.


  • Vinyl frame for a secure and insulating fit in vinyl sliding glass doors
  • Single-pane, tempered glass optimal for temperate climates
  • Translucent, polyolefin elastomer flap is easy for pets to use
  • UV-resistant additives in the pet door flap and frame protect against warping and cracking
  • Accommodates a single flap or double flap to fit your insulation needs
  • Comes with foam weatherstripping to keep your home insulated
  • Fits comfortably into existing tracks at least 1 1/2” thick
  • Available in three track height adjustment ranges to fit a wide range of vinyl sliding doors 74.75"–80.25" in height 
  • Spring-loaded design for simple, tool-free installation
  • Includes a C-Clamp lock to hold the panel in place (you can install a Charley Bar for additional security)
  • Sturdy locking cover included to block access when needed


  • Perfectly tailored to fit your vinyl sliding door track seamlessly without any gaps
  • Pets can come and go on their own terms comfortably through the flexible, translucent flap
  • Easy installation and removal, great for renters or seasonal installation

Size Chart

Flap SizeFlap DimensionsStep OverOverall Panel WidthRecommended Pet Height*Stock No
SmallComing soon!Coming soon!Coming soon!Coming soon!01DF-A10SS
Medium7"w x 13 1/10"h 5" 14 3/5"12" - 16"01DF-A20MM
Large9 2/5"w x 16 3/5"h5"Coming soon!12" - 19"01DF-A30LL
Extra LargeComing soon!Coming soon!Coming soon!Coming soon!01DF-A40XL

*measured from the ground to the tallest point of their back.

Dimension Definitions:

Flap Dimension DefinitionPanel Dimension Definition

Do not know which size to get? Here is a measurement guide to help you out.

Wondering how to measure your track? Review our Track Measuring Guide.

Your Track Height Adjustment range is based on the measurement of your door height from the lowest point of your track to the highest point. Each Dragon patio panel has a 3" adjustment range with your window track height approximately in the middle. The following adjustment ranges are available:

  • Short: 74 3⁄4" – 77 3⁄4"
  • Regular: 77 1⁄4" – 80 1⁄4"

CAUTION: If your measured track height is near the bottom of the adjustment range then you should review A Note of Caution.

Installation Instructions


1 Panel Pet Door with a Pre-Installed Flap Dragon Pet Door (single or double flap)

1 Foam Weather Strip Seal

1 C-Clamp Lock 

1 Locking Cover 


Step 1: Loosen the thumb screws at the top of the panel. This allows the spring mechanism to move freely up and down. Watch out, it might jump at you the first time!


Step 2: Insert the panel into the top track of your framing, push the panel into the spring mechanism and swing the bottom of the panel up and over the threshold into the rail at the bottom. 

If you can't quite clear the track, try swinging in from the outside as the outside track wall may be shorter. If the panel still doesn’t fit, see the FAQ for guidance.


Step 3: Once you have confirmed the panel fits, remove the panel from the track and lay it on its side. Apply the foam weather-stripping by peeling back the paper and exposing the adhesive. Unroll it along the edge of the panel, pressing to ensure it adheres. Use scissors to trim the strip to fit the length of your panel.

Flip your panel around to apply on the other side.


Step 4: Place the panel back into the sliding glass door, then tighten the thumb screws to lock it in place. Installation complete!

inserting dragon


Since you cannot lock your sliding glass door to your panel pet door, we have provided you with an alternative locking method to secure your home.

Installing the sliding door clamp:

This clamp has a thumb screw which tightens by hand to prevent the sliding door from moving beyond the clamp’s placement. For doors manufactured with the glass slider on the inside track, the lock can usually be installed on the door’s raised track.


If you aren't able to use the lock that comes with the panel:

A great alternative to locking your sliding glass door is a charley bar or dowel in the track. Both work off the same concept - they block the slider from opening. When engaged you cannot pull the sliding door away from the pet door panel. It’s a fancier version of the classic broomstick handle in the track method!



What if my panel is slightly too tall?

You can trim up to 5/16” off the spring-loaded adjustment piece at the top. This can be done by removing the adjustment pieces with a #2 Phillips Head screwdriver and cutting down the flanges. Be careful not to cut too low.


The dark area marks where you can trim:


What if my panel is slightly too short?

We offer height extensions that will add 1-1/2" to the top of the panel that you slide into the channel at the top. These are made from the same vinyl as the panel so the color will match exactly. If the extension makes the panel feel unstable, you can secure it with screws.


What if the panel is wobbling slightly back and forth?

If your track is wider than 1-1/2", you can use small wooden shims or extra weather-stripping to fill in the gap inside the top and bottom tracks. By placing the material inside the tracks you won't be able to see it, but it will stabilize the panel.


What's the difference between the single flap and the double flap?

The double flap option provides increased insulation against the cold. Both options have magnets on the flap to keep the door sealed in wind.

I want to get the large pet door for my dog, but I am concerned about a person fitting through it.

All Dragon Pet Doors come with a locking cover. This cover can be used to keep you doggy in. It also can be used to keep intruders from entering your home. It slides into the interior frame.

How do I know what size is best for my dog?

When installing the pet door you want it to clear the top of your dog's back by 1-2 inches, minimum. To give your pet the most comfortable pet door possible, make sure the step-over is less than 1/3 of your dog's height. Lastly you want the width of the door to be big enough to allow your pet to go through without touching the sides. Here's a guide on how to measure your pet with tips on how to determine the correct size.

Are replacement flaps available?

Yes, you can buy Dragon replacement flaps.

Where can I install the Dragon Pet Door?

The Dragon Pet Door has multiple Installation options. You can install it in Regular Doors, as a Wall mount, Aluminum Sliding Doors, Vinyl Sliding Doors, Sash Windows, Vinyl Windows, and Horizontal Windows.

Can my small and large dog share this pet door?

Yes, but make sure to follow standard Measuring Guidelines. Make sure the size of the door is based off your tallest pet, but installed low enough for your smallest pet.

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