Cat Doors For Sliding Glass Doors

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Cat Door for Sliding Glass Doors | Cat Flap for Patio Doors

A sliding glass door cat flap consists of a regular cat flap designed for installation in a regular door actually installed in an opening at the bottom of a panel pet door. These cat flaps can be either the manual design or electronic design. But in every case, if you examine the cat door portion of the cat patio pet doors in this section, you’ll recognize it from the same door in areas of this site devoted to cat doors for doors.

That said, the same benefits and disadvantage apply in both places. Because cat flaps tend to be inexpensive, they contribute to a less expensive patio pet door. Because they have rigid flaps, they can incorporate a two-way, or more commonly, a 4-way locking device in the cat door itself. No need to keep track of a separate locking cover. Because their flaps are rigid they will hold their shape over years of use which, in turn means that they’ll maintain their sealing values better than most (but not all!) flexible flap pet doors.

On the other hand, insulation values, as distinct from sealing values, are not particularly high because what you have is a thin piece of acrylic or polycarbonate that has about the same insulating value as a single pane window. That is, not very good.

Note for patio pet doors shorter than about 75" or taller than about 96", please see "Custom-Unusual -> Custom Dimension Pet Doors" for more choices.