SureFlap RFID Collar Key (set of 2)

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  • RFID collar key for the SureFlap Chip Activated Cat Doors
  • Set of 2 RFID cat door keys
  • Key is 1" diameter
  • Collar not included with cat RFID chips

The SureFlap RFID Collar tags are compatible with all SureFlap Microchip Cat Doors, pet doors, and feeders.  Whether you need the RFID collar tag for temporary use with your automatic cat door before getting your pet microchipped, in lieu of a vet-implanted microchip, or just need a replacement, this tag will get the job done. The disc is lightweight to ensure that it is comfortable for your pet to wear.

Please Note: Once your pet is microchipped and programmed to the door, do not use the RFID collar key. The presence of two different signals will confuse the sensor and result in door malfunction.

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SureFlap™ Cat Door Guarantee

Guarantee: SureFlap™ microchip cat flaps carry a 3-year guarantee from the date of purchase, subject to proof of purchase date. The guarantee is restricted to any fault caused by defective materials, components or manufacture. This guarantee does not apply to products whose defect has been caused by normal wear and tear, misuse, neglect or intentional damage.

In the event of a part failure due to faulty parts or workmanship, the part will be replaced free of charge during the guarantee period only. At the manufacturer's discretion, a replacement product may be provided free of charge in the case of a more serious malfunction. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Disclaimer: The SureFlap™ microchip cat flap incorporates selective entry features which have been designed to minimize the risk of unwanted animals entering your home. However, it is not possible to fully guarantee the exclusion of all other animals in all circumstances.

In the rare event of an unwanted animal gaining access to your home, SureFlap cannot accept liability for any damage or inconvenience which may be incurred.

Warning: The motorized catch and manual lock are provided exclusively to prevent the entry of unwanted animals and is not a security device. SureFlap Ltd cannot accept liability for unintended use and the owner of the product accepts full responsibility for supervising the access in and out of the home that it provides.

In households with children, it is essential to include the cat flap in child-proofing considerations. Misuse of the cat flap by a child may result in the child coming into contact with potential dangers. For this reason, young children should be monitored at all times when in the immediate vicinity of the cat flap.

Caution: Prior to installation, it is the responsibility of the user to consult all building codes which may influence the fitting of the cat flap and assess the suitability of a given installation. The user must also consider potential hazards present inside or outside the cat flap as well as the impact that subsequent modifications to your property may have on the existence and use of your cat flap. It is recommended that these assessments are conducted in consultation with a construction professional.

Do not install SureFlap™ in a fire door as it will render the fire door unfit for purpose.

Additional Information


SureFlap Microchip Cat Flaps and SureFlap Microchip Pet Doors


Is this electronic cat collar key waterproof?

Yes, this pet collar key is waterproof and durable.

Will this product work with other Sure Petcare products?

According to the manufacturer, these collar key pet tags are compatible with most of the Sure Petcare pet supplies products, such as the Surefeed pet feeders (which are microchip feeders). It's important to note that some of the newer collar keys will not work with Sureflap Microchip Flap Doors with a serial number of 1152201 or lower.

Will these collar keys work with my Petsafe dog door?

No. Pet owners should buy their collar keys from the same manufacturer as their electronic door.

How long will this take to ship?

That will depend on when you ordered, what kind of shipping you paid for, and whether this is being delivered within the United States or internationally to Canada, the United Kingdom, or elsewhere.

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