Thermo Panel 2e for Sliding Windows with Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap or Dual Scan Pet Door

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  • Sturdy aluminum Thermo Door Panel installs tools-free in your sideways sliding window
  • Window cat door insert features the DualScan or Sure Flap Microchip cat door to keep wildlife out of your home
  • DualScan Flap controls which pets enter and which pets exit the cat door for sliding windows
  • Side sliding window pet door insert comes in 7 height adjustment ranges
  • 7 window height adjustment ranges available

The Thermo Panel 2e pet door for sliding glass windows is made of dual-pane insulated glass and aluminum framing with your choice of White or Bronze to match your home. Both flap types available for this pet door for sliding windows use automatic cat door microchip technology to keep unwanted critters out by opening only for your cat's existing microchip or RFID collar key. Please note that the two cat doors used in the Thermo Panel 2e for sliding windows offer different features to fit your needs, which are detailed below:

Cat Flap

    • Keeps strays out of your home (except for racoons)
    • Easily program up to 32 different cats to use the door.
    • Requires 4 AA batteries (typically last about 6 months before needing to be changed)
    • Training mode allows your cat to enter and exit like a non-electronic door. Great for cats who are timid or who have not yet been microchipped.
    • Works with all common North American microchips. Compatible with 16-digit, 15-digit, 10-digit, and 9-digit chips, with the exception of those starting with 000, 010, and 02.

Dual Scan

    • Microchip scanning keeps out unwanted critters (including raccoons!)
    • Dual Scan technology controls which cats can exit, giving outdoor cats the freedom to come and go while keeping indoor cats inside.
    • Built-in 4-way lock allows you to further control access.
    • Features a safety mode that grants entry to indoor pets who got out by accident and need to get back inside.
    • Runs on 4 AA batteries (typically last about 6 months).
    • Low battery indicator light will flash when batteries are running low. Please Note: the door will revert to the locked position when batteries die, potentially locking cats outside, so keep an eye out!
    • Works with all common North American microchips. Compatible with 16-digit, 15-digit, 10-digit, and 9-digit chips, with the exception of those starting with 000, 010, and 020.


    • Give your cat the freedom to come and go while keeping other animals out
    • Let outdoor cats out and keep indoor cats in with the DualScan door
    • Cat doors for sliding windows eliminate the need to manually lock and unlock your kitty door
    • Perfect option if you have a small window as the only place to install a pet door, no tools needed!

Size Chart

Flap TypeFlap DimensionStep OverPanel Width
Cat Flap5 3/4" w x 4 3/4" h2 1/2"11 1/2"
Dual Scan5 3/4" w x 4 3/4"2 1/2"11 1/2"

Additional Information

Your Maximum Pet Size


Installation Instructions


All Panels

1x Panel Pet Door with 1x Foam Weather Strip & 1x Center Post Weather Seal Draft Stopper

1x Sliding Door Clamp Lock

1x SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap or DualScan Cat Door (shipped in a separate box)

1.Loosen the thumb screws at the top of the pet panel. This allows the spring mechanism to move freely up and down.

2. To insert the panel pet door into the top track, push up against the spring mechanism and swing the bottom of the panel up and over the threshold. Seat the panel on top of the small guide rail in the track. If you can’t quite get it in the track, try swinging in from the outside as the outside track wall may be shorter.

You will want to put the pet door in your track before applying any weather-stripping to ensure it fits! If it fits well, move on to the next step. See our tips at the end of these steps if you have trouble!

3. Once you’re sure the panel fits, remove the panel from the frame and lay it on its side on the ground. Apply the foam weather-stripping by peeling back the paper and exposing the adhesive. Unroll it along the edge of the panel, pressing to ensure it adheres. Install on both sides, trim to fit with scissors.

4. The center post weather seal strip (Draft Stopper) should be installed on the inside of the home. It can install on either the back edge of the sliding door panel or the leading edge of the stationary panel. This strip prevents air leaking between the sliding glass door and the stationary panel. Trim with scissors as needed. Clean the edge of your patio door with rubbing alcohol before installing to assure a good seal.


Since you cannot lock your sliding window to your panel pet door, we have provided you with an alternative locking method to secure your home: Installing the sliding door clamp: This clamp has a screw which tightens by hand to prevent the sliding door from moving beyond the clamp's placement. For doors manufactured with the glass slider on the inside track, the lock can usually be installed on the door's raised track.



1x Panel

1x Foam Weather Strip

1x Center Post Weather Seal Draft Stopper

Separate Box:

1x Microchip pet/cat door

You will need to do a couple extra steps to install your SureFlap Microchip Pet Door, Cat Flap or DualScan through your panel. The SureFlap ships in a separate box, and before you open it you should first test to make sure your panel will work in your door or window. Follow steps 1 & 2 from the Panel Installation Instructions.

Remove your SureFlap from its box, and follow the directions included to program the pet door. You can then proceed with the instructions below!


Insert SureFlap Cat Flap into hole

Step 1:  After testing the panel to make sure it works in your window or door, and testing that the SureFlap will work with your pets, you are ready to attach the pet door to the hole in the panel!

Screw SureFlap Cat Door in place

2. Find the middle length screws in the SureFlap box. The Pet Door version uses 4 screws, while the Cat Flap and Dual Scan will only utilize 2 screws.

Thumbscrews should be on the same side as the controls of your SureFlap. Installing your SureFlap with the controls on the outside of your home will damage the pet door and void SureFlap’s warranty.

3. The trim frame and screws will go on the outside of the panel. Place the side with the locking controls on the inside of the panel. The controls will need to be on the same side as the thumbscrews. You can then follow the remaining instructions for either the vertical or horizontal panels.


You might choose to secure your pet door in your track with screws. This can be done by drilling screws at an angle in the top and bottom tracks. We recommend doing this from the outside to minimize damage to the sliding glass door frame. One-way screws will prevent tampering or removal of the panel from the outside.  

For help with installation, replacement parts or other questions visit or call 805-781-7700 Monday-Friday 7am-4:30pm PT


Do you have a Microchip Cat Patio Doors for sliding window?

Yes, There are a few Thermo Panel 2e choices! The SureFlap Microchip Door has the largest flap size, the SureFlap DualScan Cat Flap controls which pet exits and enters and the Microchip Cat Flap controls who enters.