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What are my Pet Door for Sliding Glass Door Options?

How to install a doggie door for sliding glass doors is becoming a question we’re hearing more and more often. Maybe you are looking to install a dog flap or cat flap to let your pet out to potty, but a sliding glass door is the only available space to do so. Maybe you do not want to cause damage to a door frame or wall by cutting into it. There are a couple of different ways you can achieve a sliding door with dog door (or a sash window or side sliding window with a pet door). The most temporary, simple installation of a dog door in your sliding glass door or window is with a patio door with a pet door built-in. However, a sliding door dog door insert does not mate with your existing lock, so you can also choose a doggie door for sliding glass door that replaces an existing pane of glass with one that has a pre-installed pet door. If your sliding door has a screen door it will function as usual, and the In the Glass panel will mate with your existing lock. Follow this guide to determine which sliding door doggie door option works best for you!

Need a Pre-Installed Pet Door?

There are a few solutions for finding a doggy door for sliding glass door that works for your home. The most convenient option for most pet owners is the Pet Door Guys in the Glass product. The in the Glass door replaces an existing panel of your sliding door with a new one that has a pet door already installed. This product is energy-efficient, space-saving, and secure, locking into your track just like the previous glass panel. You can compare this option among others available below to decide which door installation is the best fit for you.

In the Glass Pet Door  

These are one of the few sliding glass dog door pet door options where a pet door comes to you pre-installed and doesn't take up extra space in your existing sliding glass door track. In this kind of installation, you can use your slider’s existing lock and frame. With your purchase, we send out a new piece of glass with the same measurements as your existing glass. What ships to you is a pane of Low-E glass with the top-of-the-line Endura Flap Pet Door installed at the bottom. The Endura Flap pet door insert at the bottom of the glass is manufactured with a sturdy polyolefin polymer flap and strong magnetic closure for maximum energy efficiency. You'll also save money on replacement flaps with the lifetime Endura Flap warranty. The "In the Glass" door doesn't require weather stripping like patio pet door panels. Select from a variety of sizes to best fit your pet (flaps work for small dogs to extra large dogs). Check out the In the Glass Pet Door Size Determination page for help. You will need to contact your local glass company and hire a glazier to measure and install the door. For them, it is a relatively easy task that follows the same procedure as replacing a piece of broken glass.

Some of the additional perks include:

  • Dual-Pane Glass has a Warranty of 10 years
  • Extreme weather Endura flap has a warranty of 15 years
  • Lo-E Options Available (Tint)
  • Highest Sealing Value of any pet door on the market
In the Glass Pet Door Size Determination page

the sliding glass door dog door is installed together as a permanent installation

How To Order

Visit the Pet Door Guys In the Glass product page

Step One: Contact a glazier to take your glass measurements. Here is a list of installers to help!

Step Two: Order the product online. You will not need all the custom dimensions at this time. You will only need to know which pet door size you need (check out our measurement guide), and whether your glass is Standard (Less than 34” x 76”) or Oversize (46” x 92”).

this sliding glass dog door is ordered in 4 easy steps

Step Three: As soon as you place your order, an email will be sent with an order form for you to fill out. Your order remains on hold until we receive this form completely filled out.

this doggie door for sliding glass doors is made custom

Step Four: Your order is processed and sent to the manufacturer. Please allow 3-4 weeks plus transit time to receive your item. We can ship items to your glass company or residential location.

Step Five: Your glazier replaces your glass with this custom built glass!

Patio Panel Inserts

Sliding Glass Door:

this is the sliding door dog door insert that sits at the edge of the frame

You can purchase a dog door for sliding glass door insert, which has a pet door installed on the bottom portion of the insert. It is made to be as tall as your slider’s track and includes glass. There are many options available including those with dual-pane glass, microchip enabled and automatic openings, as well as vinyl and aluminum frames to match your sliding glass door. Notice these inserts secure against the frame of your patio door. Most of the inserts can be taken in and out with ease, however, once installed, pet patio door panels do reduce your walkway space. For large sliding glass doors, the PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel offers a good height adjustment range. This PetSafe freedom aluminum pet door works for both dogs and cats, so all your pets can share this door. of The Ideal Fast Fit pet door from Ideal Pet Products is a great, cost-effective pet door panel. We also carry patio panels with automatic pet doors installed such as the High Tech Pet Power Pet Automatic Pet Door. This door is ideal for timid pets or arthritic pets who have a hard time pushing through manual pet door flaps. It ranges from medium to large, but will not work with x-large dogs because their shoulders/neck often do not come close enough the door to activate/open it. The High Tech Power Pet door does not include a timer, but you can check out a quick DIY on adding a timer to an electronic pet door if you need one. For an extreme weather option, the Endura Flap Severe Weather Vinyl Pet Sliding Glass Door features a double flap for maximum protection against heat and cold.

Window Inserts


this is a diagram showing the dog door for slider windows

Using your sash window measurements, you can insert a window panel with a pet door installed. This gives your pet the ultimate freedom to enter and exit if you wish. There are electronic versions available to control which pets can come and go using their vet-implanted microchips or RFID collar key. For side sliding windows, check out the Custom Thermo Panel 3e! Worried about raccoons using your pet door? The Thermo Sash 2e with SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is a great window installation option to keep unwanted critters out of your home.

Through the Glass Pet Door

Through the Glass:

simple graphic showing how to install a dog door for sliding glass door

Another sliding glass door with dog door option is to have a cat or dog door for glass door is to have a glazier cut a hole in your glass and install a dog or cat door through that hole. This option works best for smaller pet doors like those intended for cats. Most glass these days is tempered and dual-pane, and will shatter if you attempt to cut it! Because of this possibility we highly recommend that you have a professional glazier handle the job.
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