The Best Dog Doors for French Doors: A Comprehensive Buying Guide


Do you want to install a pet door into your French door? Great!

Not only will that be possible, but there are multiple types of French door pet doors available to fit your home’s needs.

If you have French doors, this guide will shed light on the best dog doors tailored just for you.

What Pet Door You Need Depends On Your French Door Type 

Identifying Your French Door

When choosing a French door pet door, you first need to know what type of French door you have. 

The first type of French door is made up of individual glass panels held together by a wood trimming. If you can remove one or more panels at a time, you can replace it with a pet door for a specific sized opening. 

If your French door has a single glass pane, then you will need to either cut into the glass pane to install a pet door or replace the glass pane with one that has a pet door already built into it. 

Make sure you double check what type of glass your French door has. Some French doors that have gridwork are still only made from one pane of glass.

Picking the Correct Pet Door

For French Doors With Multiple Pieces Of Glass, Individually Framed

If one or more pieces of glass can be removed, you can order a custom sized pet door like the Hale Custom Dimension Pet Doors for Doors to fit inside the hole that is created.

If you have a big pet, you might need to replace more than one piece of glass and cut into the door frame in order to install your large doggie door for French doors. 

For French Doors With One Solid Piece Of Glass

This scenario requires a bit more work. If you have decorative gridwork, it will first need to be removed. From there, you have two options: install a pet door into the glass or install a specialty made in the glass pet door. 

To install a pet door into the glass, you will need a pet door with the appropriate mount, like the Hale Through the Glass Pet Door for Glass Doors. A professional glazier will cut a hole into your glass that the pet door can be installed into. 

Or you can order a specialty made in the glass pet door, such as the In the Glass pet door from Pet Door Guys or the Utah Pet Access French Door pet door. Both utilized the award winning, built-to-last weather-tight pet door: the Endura Flap.

For both brands, a glazier will need to measure your French door and fill out an order form. From there, you can order a new pane of glass that has a pet door built directly into it. Your glazier can then remove your old glass pane and replace it with the new one. 

Important Things to Note

  • Measure your pet's size to ensure the pet door will be installed at the right height. You can use our measuring guide to help you find the correct size for your dog. 
  • Depending on your door's design, the pet door might need to take up more than one grid or could even cut into the wood below the glass.
  • Always consult a professional glazier for installation. Cutting glass can be hazardous.

How Do I Install A Dog Door In A Glass French Door?

While you may be looking forward to having a challenging DIY home improvement project, French door dog door installations are extremely difficult and best left to a glass company. 

General, step-by-step guide of how French door dog door installations work for single pane glass:

  1. Measure Your Dog: First, determine the right door flap size by measuring your dog from its feet to its shoulders. Double-check your measurements to ensure accuracy.
  2. Consult a Professional: Installing a dog door in a glass pane is a specialized task. Contact a local glazier experienced in cutting and modifying glass doors so that they can measure your door correctly.
  3. Select the Right Dog Door: Dog doors vary in thickness. Match the thickness of your French door's glass with the dog door to ensure a snug fit.
  4. Removal and Cutting by the Glazier: After purchasing the appropriate dog door, your glazier will remove the glass pane from your French door, cut an opening for the dog door, and then reinstall the pane.
  5. Final Installation: The glazier will secure the dog door within the cut opening, ensuring everything aligns correctly and is safely assembled.

For pet doors with multiple panes of glass: 

  1. Measure Your Dog: Determine the size of the dog door by measuring your dog from its feet to its shoulders. Double-check for accuracy to ensure a comfortable fit.
  2. Decide on the Installation Height: Examine your multi-pane French door. Remember, the panes are usually high up. Decide on the ideal height for your dog door, considering your dog's size. For smaller dogs, you might need to cut into the door frame to achieve the desired height.
  3. Choose and Remove a Glass Pane: Decide which pane best suits the height for your dog door. Engage a local glazier to safely remove the chosen pane.
  4. Measure the Opening: After the pane is removed, accurately measure the size of the opening.
  5. Select the Right Dog Door: Based on the opening's size, order a custom-fit dog door. Opt for insulating and energy-efficient models like the Hale Pet Door Custom or the dual flap Endura Flap.
  6. Engage a Professional for Installation: Once you receive the dog door, hire a professional for installation. Though many dog doors are straightforward to install, it's always safer when dealing with glass.

What Are Some French Door Pet Doors?

There are many French door pet doors across multiple brands that can be customized to best fit your needs. 

Hale Custom Pet Doors for French Doors

Pet Door Products In The Glass Pet Door


Utah Pet Access French Door Glass Insert

Hale Through the Glass Pet Door for Glass Doors


Is there a specific French door cat door that you recommend?

Most cat doors that can be installed into glass will be suitable for French doors installations. To get started, we recommend the Cat Mate 358 Rotary 4-Way Locking Cat Flap with the Adapter Kit for Walls & Glass Panel. More importantly, make sure the installation height is convenient for your feline friend.

Can I get the entire door?

We do not sell them, but there are some companies that will do entire french doors with a doggie door already built in. The problem with that is if they don't install it at the correct height for you pets it might not work.

If you choose to go with the french door with doggie door built in already than make sure that you have the door specs before committing to the purchase so you can determine that it will be correct for your pet size. The french doors with pet door already installed should also be hung by a professional.

Could I do the installation myself?

If your French door is made of individual panes of glass, it will be difficult but not impossible. However, if you need to modify the frame or get new glass, hiring a professional is recommended To get started, check out our list of independent pet door installers

Is there a specific dog door you recommend?

For French doors, we recommend the Pet Door Guys In the Glass Pet Door

I want a French door frame pet door. What can I do?

Depending on your door design, you might need the Hale Custom Dimension Pet Door or the "Pet Door Guys- In the Glass" pet door.

Which side should I install my French doors pet door on?

For sliding French patio doors, install the pet door on the non-operational side. Make sure that your pet door’s locking cover tracks are inside your home. 

Can I remove one pane of glass for a cat door?

You can do that if the opening is large enough for your cat to fit through. You will need to order the Hale Custom Dimension Pet Doors for Doors. It will be made to the exact dimensions of your door glass.

French door pet doors are a fantastic way to give your pets the freedom they desire without compromising the elegance and functionality of your French doors. With this guide, choosing and installing the perfect pet door should be a breeze. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team of pet door experts for assistance.