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  • Custom step over for the Ideal Aluminum Fast Fit Panel
  • 2.5" for Medium, Extra Large or Super Large
  • 4" for Extra Large or Super Large
  • Great option for multiple sized pets sharing the door 
  • Increase ease of use for older pets
  • Measure your shortest and tallest pets to the top of the back and see the chart below for proper door and sizing

If you have small and large pets that need to use the same door or elderly pets that just aren't as mobile and they use to be, this custom step over option when purchased with the Ideal Fast Fit Patio Door is our recommendation. It allows you to lower the height of the framing at the bottom of the pet panel to make it easier for them to step over when going through. 

If you measured your sliding door to be between 80 5/16" - 93 3/4" or over 96" then Ideal can also custom make a height extension to fit your irregular track height.  The Custom Ideal Panel which comes with that extension can also have the option of this custom step over.

Size Chart

Custom Step OverFlap SizeFlap DimensionRecommended Pet Height
2 ½"Medium7"w X 11 ¼"h7" - 12 ¾"
2 ½"Extra Large10 ½"w X 15"h 7" - 16 ½"
2 ½"Super Large15"w X 20"h 7" - 21 ½"
4"Medium7"w X 11 ¼"h 12" - 14 ¼"
4"Extra Large10 ½"w X 15"h12" - 18"
4"Super Large15"w X 20"h12" -  23"

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