Dog Birthdays

Jeffrey Magnusson

Our pets are some of the most treasured partners in our lives. Because they live with you, they are there for your highest of highs and your lowest of lows. Your pet will always be there no matter the situation, so what do you do to show them appreciation? At, we like to celebrate pet birthdays with a little flair (it’s what we do).

First things first: Your dog needs a party hat of some sort. Party hats are ESSENTIAL, because taking pictures of the event are crucially important.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

Next Up is Treats. Treats for humans are nice, but the main thing your pet will care about is treats for them. We have links to some dog-friendly healthy treat recipes here that your pet will absolutely LOVE!

Final Step: Document, Document, Document! The world needs to see the glory that is your pet, and when there are treats and birthday hats involved even more so. When you think you’ve taken enough pictures, whip out that camera and snap a few more. You will NOT regret taking excess pictures of your pet’s birthday, but be sure to live in the moment. It’s a beautiful thing!

Just for sticking around this long, here’s one of my favorite dog-birthday related videos:

Why Dogs are better than Valentine’s Day Dates

Jeffrey Magnusson

Mikey and Cooper sitting in a tree

Every year we experience this. The shine of a new year begins to fade as January wraps up, the usual mix of somewhat funny commercials turns to engagement rings and fancy necklaces, and stores begin to stock up on all things pink and brilliant red. It must be February. I’m going to come out and say it: I experience extreme dread every year leading up to Valentine’s Day.

When I was a kid and there was no real expectation upon me to give my parents a real present, I would still be nervous that the crayon drawing wouldn’t be enough to showcase my love; or that they would somehow be able to tell that I was more focused on cartoons when I was drawing it. In middle school I grew up thinking that the mature thing to do once you turn 11 was to give a girl a teddy bear, and she would think it was romantic and cute. I was wrong. I’ve tried it all- from going incognito with your affection and leaving notes and flowers only to find that somebody else took credit for it, to making a special (and expensive!) dinner for your date and burning the whole thing to oblivion. Even now when I have a loving partner and a stable relationship, I still worry that the experience won’t be enough to properly display my affection and love for them.

But you know what I found? There’s a solution to all of this that is easy, simple, and effective: Disregard Valentine’s Day entirely and just pour all of your affection and love into your pet. Make it a day to celebrate all the days (365) a year that your pet loves you unconditionally. Think about it: Has a dog ever not shown up to a date with you? No! Where would they even go?? Has a dog ever scoffed at a teddy bear that you give them? They might rip it to shreds, but they will do so with JOY and APPRECIATION in their hearts. Dog Dinners? Cheap, and no cooking required, and they ALWAYS find it to be delicious. Do you have to dress up in tight or uncomfortable clothing to impress your dog? You can, but they really can’t tell the difference.

Here’s a more straightforward list of reason why dogs are better than Valentine’s Day Dates:

  • Dogs can’t eat chocolate. No need to share!
  • Dogs don’t expect anything. Like anything at all. Just being there with you is a bonus.
  • Dog’s won’t break up with you and then date your friends
  • Dog’s don’t care if you eat too much and don’t feel sexy
  • Dogs won’t buy those awful candy hearts for you (seriously they’re the worst)
  • Dogs are furry, and perfect for snuggling

There you have it. If you have any objections to this, feel free to comment and try to change my mind. (Protip: You can’t.)

Smart Dog Door

Smart Dog Door that works with Google Home and Amazon Echo Alexa

An increasing number of people have opted for installation of pet doors in their home. Installing of pet doors is an excellent option for people with small pets. Usually, owners of small dogs and cats have them installed.

The convenience these pet doors can bring to your everyday life is massive. After installing the door, you no longer have to be a watchman for your pets. You will not have to take your pet out for taking care of its business. You also return some freedom to your pets that they always seek. A pet door allows them to exit and enter the house at their will. This way you will be free of further responsibilities associated with your pet. Also, you will no longer have to clean up the mess after your dog’s poops in the lounge. The small 10’ by 10’ door is like a door to heaven for your pets.

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A mongrel coming from Dog door in a Sliding Glass Door

How to Install a Dog Door in a Glass Door?

Getting doggy door installation for your doors and walls can be very beneficial for you. To start with, you don’t have to be a doorman for your pet every time it has to go out to answer the call of nature. Dog doors can be conveniently installed into all kinds of walls and doors in your home and they will continue to be useful for a lifetime.

Dog doors are one of the best gifts you can give to your pets. It gives them the freedom to go in and out of the house without troubling anyone at awkward timings. But installing a dog door might seem challenging if you have a glass door in your house. Glass is susceptible to damage and vulnerable to force. This increases risk of damage during doggy door installation.

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Vizsla standing outside his dog door in a Metal Door

Installing a Dog Door in a Metal Door?

A dog is a man’s best friend“

One of the most clichéd phrases about your pet is also the truest fact. But are you guilty of barricading your furry friend inside the house?

Keeping your pets on lockdown when you are out and about is totally unfair. It deprives it of indulging in canine pleasures like chasing the neighborhood cats, running with its dog buddies, and digging up bones.

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Cat standing outside the Hollow Door with Cat door installed in it

How to Install a Cat Door in a Hollow Core Door?

Do you own a curious cat? Or one that loves the outdoors as much as it loves the plush sofa inside?

You know the kind of active creature that enjoys basking under the sun. In addition to that, they enjoy socializing with the neighborhood cat community.  With pets like these, you feel like a doorman. Don’t you?

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Installing a Dog Door in a Screen Door

With the many kinds of doors we have installed in our homes today, it might seem challenging to find the perfect dog door for your pet. However, no need to get discouraged. There are as many kinds of dog doors available in the market as there are kinds of doors. This applies to screen doors as well.

If you have a screen door at your home, or even a screen window, there are many options available to you. Compared to other kinds of installations for other kinds of doors, incorporating a dog door in the screen door is the easiest. In most cases, you will not even have to use any additional tools for the installation process. There are ‘instant’ hanging options available that are good enough to cater to the needs of your pet. Continue reading

Installing a Dog Door in a Sliding Glass Door

Border Collie coming through the dog door inserted in a Sliding Glass Dog door

Installing a dog door for your pet does not mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars for a small section. It also doesn’t mean you have to completely replace your existing glass door along with its frame and fittings. Dog doors can be easily fitted into your existing sliding glass doors by only making a few modifications. Continue reading

How To Install a Dog Door in A Wall

Are long working hours coming in the way of your dog’s freedom? Want to make your furry friend enter and exit the house on its own? Then it’s high time to install a Dog Door in the wall. A dog door is an excellent way to provide your pet free access to the outdoors even when you are not around. So, you don’t have to rely on friends or neighbors to let your pooch out. Continue reading