Put your safety cap on! Here's tips and tricks to keep your pet door secure!

How to Make your Pet Door Safe

Having the right sized pet door for your dog is essential – not just to ensure that your dog is able to go out and do his business, but for you and your family’s long-term well-being and safety as well. However, when deciding what shape, material, size, etc. pet door you are installing, remember that having a pet door that’s too big can be dangerous. And we get the question all the time are doggy doors safe?  Why? Because often times your dog may not be the only thing coming in and out of it, and an extra big size can allow larger things to enter. Here are two examples of the detrimental effects too big of a pet door can have and tips for dog door safety:

  • Buy an appropriately sized door. Often times, extremely large pet doors are purchased or smaller dogs. If that pet door is too big, you’re opening up your home to thieves. For burglars, the bigger the pet door, the better. We know what you’re thinking – even if burglars enter your home through the pet door, your dog will scare them off, right? Wrong – they can come prepared with weapons like pepper spray and mace. Don’t believe us? Check out this story from Los Angeles, where, this past March, there was a rash of burglaries where the entry method was via the pet door, and in one, three dogs were subdued with pepper spray.  The best option is to keep your pet door the smallest necessary to let your pet in and out.
  • Invest in more secure doors and locking mechanisms. The Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover is one of the most secure options for how to secure a dog door from intruders and it is compatible with most pet door brands and sizes. If you do not already have a door, Plexidor Pet Doors and Hale Pet Doors have some of the best security features, which allow you to add an extra layer of strength to your pet door security, meaning you can rest at ease with just a turn of the key or lock.
  • Consider automatic pet doors that only operate for your pet via collar keys or other individually identifiable methods. Critters and pests are always on the lookout for a food source, as well as a damp, moist environment – all things that your home can provide. So if you have a pet door and stumble upon any of the aforementioned in your home, you can probably already guess how they got there.
  • Install your pet door in a discreet location. Most homeowners choose to put their pet door on the back door to so that it is not visible from the street by strangers. This will help prevent thieves and unwanted visitors from targeting your home and prevent your house from appearing vulnerable.
  • Use and enforce your locking mechanism. Utilize the locking mechanism on your pet door when you’re out, or at night when it’s not being used. Readjust door locks if they can be reached through your pet door.
  • Place a “Beware of Dog” sign on your property (even if your dog is non-threatening). While you might think this would tip would-be robbers off about a potential pet door on your property, it also scares them away.

So answering the question of are doggie doors safe has many components to it, some not even having to do with the actual pet door.  If you have any questions or specific concerns feel free to email us at customerservice@petdoors.com and we can help you out!

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