Stop, Thief! – How to Protect Your Home from Pet Door Invaders

Burglar invading home through dog door scene from Home Alone

Pet doors are an added convenience to any home. With a pet door installed in your home, your pet no longer has to wait for you to let them in or out, and you no longer have to worry about accidents in your home! Unfortunately this new door may cause some concern as to who may have access to your home through the new entryway. This is a fair concern to have, but you’ll be glad to know that the latest pet door models have designed their products with this in mind.

Let’s assume that you have recently installed a pet door in your home. The immediate outdoor area may be fenced in, allowing your pet to roam worry free, but the fence might not keep other determined intruders away from your belongings. It would seem to be fairly easy for someone who wishes to enter your home to do so through any reasonably sized pet door. Some kits include a cover that can keep animals inside or out, but a human could easily get past it. How can we prevent things like this from happening?

As we mentioned, newer pet doors have been designed to address this concern. Many pet doors are now designed with built-in security features. These doors work the same way as traditional pet doors, though they include some protection against home invasions. Some have hinges and a keyhole, where the door can be locked from the inside. Some doors even feature a combination lock system, for an added measure of security, these doors however limits the ease of your pet going in and out at will.

If you prefer something a bit sturdier, there are several options that are designed to supplement your pet door. The Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover works well with many pet door models, and is fairly simple to install. It accompanies your current pet door, which means you don’t have to worry about sizing for your pet.

It features a combination lock, as well as 12-gauge steel. The bolts are very sturdy, and can only be removed from the inside, which means that potential invaders cannot access your home. The doorframe also covers the hinges, so it is impossible for the door to be dismantled when the locking features are engaged.

RFID pet doors are another advance in pet door technology that can make you and your pet’s life a lot simpler. These doors work via radio frequency. First, a special tab is placed on your pet’s collar. Anytime they come within a certain range of the door, it opens thanks to a sensor in the door. This is a great in between pet door choice if you’re looking for an option that gives your pet freedom, but keeps your home sealed off from critters/the elements.

One other way to protect your home from entry through your pet door is by installing an alarmed pet door. These are slightly more intricate than most other pet door models, as the security features must be manually activated. After the lock is engaged, an alarm will sound if anything over a certain weight enters through the door, meaning you can use one of these doors whether you own a Chihuahua, or a Great Dane.

To examine more pet door options, head over to our site to see the different styles we offer, and which is best for you.

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3 thoughts on “Stop, Thief! – How to Protect Your Home from Pet Door Invaders

  1. Burt Silver

    I didn’t realize that pet doors have locks now. My wife and I have been considering getting a dog door so our puppy can get in an out easier, but we have been worried about safety. A lock on a dog door would put our minds at ease! I will have to look into some options!