Ideal "Fast Fit" Patio Pet Door

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  • Clear flap is easy for pets to use

  • Great choice for temperate climates

  • Customize to best fit your pet

  • Perfect for renters on a budget

  • Height extensions available to fit any sliding glass door

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Stock No: 01RIff
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Price From: $199.99
Flap SizeFlap DimensionStep
Overall Width
(US vs. Fgn Mfr)
Stock No
Small5" w x 7" h2"8 3/4"9 3/4"01RIff 1-Sm
Medium7" w x 11" h4"10 3/4"11 7/16"01RIff 2-Med
Extra Large10 1/2" w x 15" h8"14 1/4"15 1/4"

01RIff 4-XLrg

Super Large15" w x 20" h8"18 3/4"19 5/8"01RIff 5-Sup

Height Adjustment Ranges

  • B- Shorty 75" - 77 3/4" (additional cost)
  • C- Regular 77 5/8" - 80 3/8"
  • E- Tall 93 3/4" - 96 1/2" (additional cost)

  • Step-Over Options Are Available These options can be extremely important in properly fitting your pets. They are offered as drop-downs after the size, height and color choices are made.

    Outside Keyed Lock Option is Available  This option is great if you need to exit the house through your sliding glass door and lock behind you. The Ideal Fast Fit and related panels (Fast Fit Cat Panel, Fast Fit e-Cat panel) are the only pet doors with this feature. If you don't need to lock behind you after exiting the sliding glass door, you don't need this feature.

    Custom Height Add-On Extension is Available  If your sliding glass door track is not accommodated by one of these height ranges, you can special order a height extension for either the Regular or Tall panels. Be sure to read the Details tab carefully to see how to compute how tall you'll want the custom height extension to be (maximum is 14").

    Please note that all custom options including custom step-overs and keyed locks render the purchase a final sale, not returnable. A height extension purchase is not returnable though the associated patio pet door is if there is not a keyed lock or custom step-over option chosen for it.

    Caution If your measured track height is near the bottom of the adjustment range then you should review A Note of Caution

    Wondering how to measure your track? Review our Track Measuring Guide. .

    ** Special Deal  Purchase a Bug Warden with any Ideal patio panel and get a 20% discount on the Bug Warden. Great idea if you want ventilation through your slider on warm days.  The discount shows up in your cart.

    Replacement Flaps  The frame around your flap will probably be plastic. You can get just the replacement flap at Ideal "Original" Replacement Flaps or you can get both the flap and the plastic frame at Ideal "Fast Fit" Replacement Flap Assembly.  If you happen to have a metal frame immediately surrounding the flap (only a very few were made this way) you'll want to get an Ideal "Deluxe" replacement flap.

    Height Extension  If you already have the Ideal "Fast Fit" Panel but it's too short for your slider you can purchase just the Ideal "Fast Fit" Height Extension.

    The Ideal "Fast Fit" Patio Pet Door Insert

    The Ideal "Fast Fit" Patio Pet Door Insert is a "spring load" patio panel pet door which requires no tools for installation (except for the included pin lock).

    The regular flap is a molded sheet of vinyl with magnets at the bottom only. We recommend the 'fast fit' with this flap for temperate climates only. A higher quality verion that includes the Ultra-flex flap has been discontinued and is no longer available.

    Glass is 1/8" clear tempered.

    Be sure to carefully check your track height compared with 'Adjustment Range' to be sure of a fit. If your measured track height is not covered by one of the standard adjustment ranges, you may purchase a special height extension panel in the 'regular' or 'tall' height ranges to make the height suitable for your sliding glass door track. this extension panel is not offered for the 'shorty' height range.

    What height should the extension be built to? Here you must supply a height in inches. Calculate it by subtracting the maximum height of the adjustment range of the panel you've chosen from the measured height of your sliding glass door track and adding 2 1/8". So, for example, if you measure your track height at 88" exactly, you'd subtract 80-3/8" from 88" equals 7-5/8" and add back 2-1/8" = 9-3/4". You'd specify 9-3/4" in the dialog box offered.

    The maximum over-all height you can achieve in this manner is 110-1/2" and the tallest the extension should be built is 14". It can be made to 16” but the manufacturer suggests that you would then semi-permanently install it for stability. Because the height extension is built to your custom dimension, it is not returnable, though the panel itself is (provided you haven't ordered any other custom feature like an outside keyed lock or custom step-over)..

    Weather-stripping is included but only for one side of the panel. This should go between the panel and the sliding door. You'll probably benefit by adding additional weather stripping for the other side which can be purchased on this site or from any hardware store.

    When measuring your pet, you may find that the 'standard' flap size offered for the Fast Fit is appropriate but not the standard 'step-over'. The Ideal Fast Fit is available with 'custom' step-over heights which are offered in the selection drop-downs after you have chosen flap size, adjustment height and frame color. Since this option is built to order, allow about 1 or 2 days extra for delivery. Please note that the custom step-over is a custom option and the pet panel cannot be returned.

    One exclusive feature of the Ideal Fast Fit is the outside keyed lock option. If you leave your home by the patio door then you'll want to lock up from the outside. Adding the keyed lock option to the Fast Fit allows this. Note two things here: First, you must specify which way the sliding glass door opens when inside the house looking out. This choice is on the drop-down menu for the keyed lock option. That specification enables the factory to mount the keyed lock on the correct side of the panel. Second, plan to fasten the pet door securely into the track using sheet metal screws. If you don't, the lock won't work and the whole unit will just pull to one side. Since this option is built to order, allow about 1 or 2 days extra for delivery. Please note that the keyed lock is a custom option and the pet panel cannot be returned.

    There are two other ways of solving this problem that we should mention

    • You can probably move the stationary glass panel to one side and install your pet door against the opposite jamb. That allows you to continue using your existing lock and also avoids having to make any adjustments to an alarm system if you have one.
    • The other possibility is to purchase an 'in the glass' pet door that has the pet opening go right through the glass of your sliding glass door. That also avoids any locking or alarm problems. You'll find this type at the sliding glass door category page. (If you want an electronic sliding glass pet door go to the electronic patio pet doors category page).

    There are quite a few details that might be important for you to think about in purchasing any panel pet door. Begin with Key Points to get a quick overview of the most important issues. Then study the comparison chart and read the information on the Patio Panel FAQ page which cover the fine points of patio pet doors.

    Frame thickness is 5/8". Draft stopper or 'center post weather-strip' is included.

    Most, but not all, Ideal Patio Panels built with the regular vinyl flap include a plastic frame immediately around the flap. On occasion these frames break. Don't buy a whole new patio pet door! We carry the replacement flap assembly (see Flaps & Parts/Replacement Flaps & Related). But, If you happen to have metal framing immediately surrounding the flap, you'll probably only need a replacement flap. Be sure to get the 'Deluxe' version in that case.

    PLEASE NOTE: This product ships directly from the manufacturer and may take 1-3 business days before it actually ships.


    ** Special Bonus Offer!  Add an Amazing Bug Warden at about 20% off Regular Retail

    The Bug Warden is a revolutionary new product that allows you to close your screen door completely while allowing access to your pet door. If you're opening the sliding glass door for ventilation during the warm months, this is for you. As a once-only offer, you can purchase the Bug Warden for 20% off with your purchase.

    Customer Reviews

    • Great Door, Works well
      How do you rate this product?

      I had a hard time finding a door tall enough to fit that wasn't costing me an arm and a leg. This was perfect, fairly easy to install and the dogs were able to acclimate to the door within 24 hours. It is a life saver for my carpets and wood floors! Price is great. Now I have a new dog which will require me to purchase a larger door. Ordering the new one in a few weeks once she is out of puppy stage and can "grow" into the new larger door.
      Might be a bit of a snag for the other shorter dogs, but they should be able to step over the 8" frame

    • A Live Saver - Great Door
      How do you rate this product?

      I purchased this door with the low-height step over option as a gift for a friend with three dogs. The low-height option works great for her dachshund and basset hound; they can go in and out with ease. My friend absolutely loves this door because it saves her from having to constantly let in or out one of the dogs, not to mention the multiple times every night that she would have to get out of bed and go let out one of the dogs. It is worth every penny.

    • Locking the door
      How do you rate this product?

      (Ed. Note: The customer was contacted)
      there's no locking system. you cannot slide your sliding glass door up to the dog door and lock it. I can't use my door, waste of money ( 272.00 )

    • $154????
      How do you rate this product?

      (ed. note: This customer has been contacted to resolve any confusion. With all of our products that have different adjustment ranges or flap dimension options the price is going to vary based on those dimensions and ranges, not just because an item has something that would be considered a custom option.)

      I HATE that they advertise this door for $154 but when I add it to my cart with ZERO EXTRAS the ACTUAL price is $252!! That's $100 more you lying creeps!!!!

    • Terrific, works great.
      How do you rate this product?

      Great product. Works as advertised and is very high quality. I use for my cats. Recommend highly without any reservations.

    • Pet Door
      How do you rate this product?

      This is the best purchase I have ever made. My dogs both run outside on the farm and come in the house, My 12 year old boy has cancer and can't stay in the house alone more than 4 hours. This has solved the problem for us. It is easy to install, looks great, keeps the heat or air in. The dogs learned to use it quickly. I'm so pleased with the freedom it gives the dogs.

    • Not the quality I expected
      How do you rate this product?

      Pet Doors was the only website I could find the size I needed. So I was left with no choice. I figured all doors are the same right? Wrong. The door is so thin, and does not fit into the door track well at all that it shakes every time my dog goes in and out. Not to mention the air flow that comes in between the door, the slider and the top and bottom. Also, because i assume this door is the same one they use whenever you ask for different step over options, that is is in pieces, and again, since it does not fit within the door very well, it is separating at the "seams". I have had this doggy door for 3 months and am frantically looking for another one before the cold weather hits. Would I buy from again, NO!!

    • We all are loving it!
      How do you rate this product?

      We had a hard time finding a tall door for our slider. Luckily, we did find one that is functional & aesthetically pleasing. I love that I can see out of it & it looks like it belongs. Neither my husband nor myself are very handy but we got it in fine. I did go up to the auto supply & purchased more insulation as we needed more, easy deal. I would buy again. One other thing.. The delivery guy dropped it off at our neighbor's house in error, just in case FYI

    • Exactly what I was looking for
      How do you rate this product?

      This is exactly what I was looking for. Thankfully our glass door goes to another room so I don't have to worry about sealing it up to tight. The Fit was perfect. Would recommend to anyone with a similar need!

    • So Easy
      How do you rate this product?

      We had one of these pet doors in our previous house so got another one when we moved here. It was so easy to install I didn't need my hubby to help. One dog used it immediately, the other had to be coaxed with treats over several days but now they both hop in and out without thinking about it.

    • Decent product
      How do you rate this product?

      Installation was very simple after I cut about 1/8 inch off the top metal piece so it would fit in the tracks of my 96" slider. My 30lb black lab puppy took to it quickly and loves running in and out at full speed. Gaps between the pet door and the slider are a problem, but weather stripping has helped minimize those. Not exactly what I had hoped for, but it has been workable.

    • I love this door.
      How do you rate this product?

      Once my dogs got used to using the door I never had to think about letting them in or out. It is perfect for my needs.

    • i love it...
      How do you rate this product?

      yea I love it! no more getting up every time my pets want out.. I have more than one pet and this door looks good and is well built. it is also reasonable priced.

    • Good product
      How do you rate this product?

      The door was a little challenging to install. It was easy to train my dog to go in and out. I wish it was better insulated. I would purchase again.

    • Perfect for our dogs!
      How do you rate this product?

      Good quality.

    • easy installion looks great
      How do you rate this product?

      wae very impressed with the door and there customer service. order online with out any problems.

    • love it!
      How do you rate this product?

      This door was very easy to install, looks great and my cat loves it!

    • Easy to Install, Great Product for the Price
      How do you rate this product?

      I would say that this was very easy to install, as long as you don't mind some minor gaps and it can fit between the lock in your slider track, since it doesn't use the lock feature. It's not the most secure installation. A burglary could probably get the sliding bolt to pop out if he had enough time or just break out the door to squeeze in. However, it works well for everyday use. I wish the sizing was more uniform with other doggy doors. I had medium doors at my old house, so I ordered a medium without looking carefully at the opening size. The opening is not big enough for one of my dogs, who used to be able to fit through my old medium door. Otherwise, I'm very happy with the purchase and it was much cheaper than other doors.

    • Excellent
      How do you rate this product?

      This door was a savior this winter. The puppies I have loved it and were very comfortable from the very beginning. It only took one time to get them to go thru the door with no problem.

    • Just 2 Hands? Bull!
      How do you rate this product?

      The black & orange "big box" store I went to had about 20 of these "Fast Fix" Sliding Glass Door Pet Doors in stock. EVERY ONE WAS A RETURNED DOOR FROM A PRIOR CUSTOMER!
      Why? Because nobody could figure out how to intall them. INCLUDING ME, a LICENSED CONTRACTOR FOR 40 YEARS!
      Of course that does not mean I know everything. I will also be returning this item.

    • Great
      How do you rate this product?

      100 lb Sheepdog, the Super Large works best. Although we were replacing another door, She did not like the smell, we left up with the old door in place for a month before she finally was able to use the new one. Now she loves it, it is quieter than the old flap.

      One recommendation is a wide strip(2") to work with slider, we have an older house that has settled and the opening is not correct as it should be. Some sort of accommodation would be great.

    • Great pet door, easy to use.
      How do you rate this product?

      We bought the 96"+ medium flap door for when our friends and family bring their dogs. It takes on a few minutes to put in or take out....and stores easily in our garage. We're thrilled that we found it.

    • Great Product
      How do you rate this product?

      The quality is great I would recommend this product.

    • Not what I expected! Just a thin Pane.
      How do you rate this product?

      This door is about one third of the width of the slot it is fitting into (standard slider slot). I had to buy several rolls of the rubber molding stuff that is sticky on one side. I added six layers to the sides, top, and bottom on the outer face of the door to fill the giant gap between the door and frame. It also does not attach to the slider door, or the door lock, or the latch on the frame side. It is simply just a thin pane of metal and glass that buts up against your door. You have to find ways to fill the gaps and cracks. Also allows anyone to easiyy brake in. The weather gap strip they sent fell off within a coupe days and didn't do much anyway. You have to stuff things in the gaps between the window pane openings on both sides to prevent air leakage. The pane of glass is also thin and accumulates a lot of condensation on colder days. It is not very warm. The flap just blows around with a slight breeze, and never hangs straight. Always cold air blowing right in.

      ed. note - There is no such thing as a 'standard' track dimension for sliding glass doors. Patio pet doors are traditionally built on the thin side so as to fit in any.

    • Quality product and as easy to set up as the description says
      How do you rate this product?

      What I love about this is the ease of set up and removal. We use just for vacations or long days out . It's a bit Narrow though for our dog and I wish the width expanded with the height. She makes it through and it's excellent quality

    • Poor Customer Service - Do not pay for 2 day shipping
      How do you rate this product?

      Needed the door in 5 days in order to take an overnight trip. Paid $42 for 2 day delivery by FedEx. Now, 6 days later still no door. Called customer service and they said the item left their warehouse within 2 days, that is 2 day shipping!!! I told them I no longer needed the door since it is late, what if I do not accept it when it finally arrives? She said, oh don't do that because FedEx will return the shipment using 2 day delivery and I will be charged $42 for shipping plus a return fee. Duhhhh - 2 day shipping is not what it use to mean

      ed note - Some items, including this one, are shipped direct from the manufacturer. In this case it did ship 2 day air but the mfr took two days to ship. We ask on the cart page that customers with specific delivery needs contact our customer service department which will expedite the shipment if possible or at least alert the customer to the time to expect the delivery.

    • Schnauzer endorsed!
      How do you rate this product?

      A pet door gives everyone peace of mind! The dogs seem to relish making their own decisions about when to go out in the backyard. And at night how nice to not have to get up and open a door! They figured it out immediately! No one with a cat or dog should hesitate adding this convenience to their routine.The door looks great, fits so tightly against the sliding panel that no one notices it. GREAT product!!!!

    • medium flap pet door
      How do you rate this product?

      flap is too small, even when I measured dogs appropriately. Unless there is a fire and the dogs are super motivated to get out of the house they dont use it. Surprised there isnt a large as the sizing goes from medium to extra large, not good for a 35 lb dog, who is a little squeezed for the medium. Now it just sits there. Buy a size larger when in doubt anf dont use their measuring advise.

      ed. note - The Fast Fit 'XLarge', at 10 1/2" x 15", would be a 'large' by any reasonable standard.

      How do you rate this product?

      I have a home office (with a big sliding door) which I share with one of my employees. I also have 2 big labs who love that they can hang out with us... BUT, they drive us crazy by always wanting to in, out, in, out, in, out. It got to the point where I bought a pedometer to see how much I was walking per day just letting them out! I looked into doggie doors, but did not want a permanent hole in my wall. I founds some Patio Pet doors but they could not accommodate the XXXL size I needed for my dogs. The, I found this miracle. First, it's not permanent. Second, it came in a Super Large size, and third, it was super easy to install. This patio pet door has truly increased my productivity! It's a life saver... I love, love, love it. It works fantastic. My two big guys are not gentle on anything, and the door has withheld them racing in and out like bulls. Thank you, and YES. I highly recommend this product!

    • Ideal "Fast Fit" Patio Pet Door
      How do you rate this product?

      Love the Pet Door. I had special height restrictions due to "ahem" overly large but short beagles. The door is perfect for both my smaller beagles and the chubby ones. Will definitely buy from America's Finest Pet Doors again!!

    • Second Patio Fast Fit Door and love both
      How do you rate this product?

      I lived in a townhouse with taller sliding doors. Bought the larger one for my 3 lb. pet bunny, Roger. It was so easy to put up and just perfect. Roger learned how to use it FAST but thought he was too good to use that door so a bit of a conflict with whose the boss in the house. Then I moved to another home and the doors were shorter so bought another door for Roger so we could argue over his using it, and it was just as easy to install. The customer support is outstanding. I have told many friends and acquaintances of this product and to order it only from this website. In a 5 star rating would give it 5 stars.

    • Love it!
      How do you rate this product?

      I customized my door to add 4" for my Great Dane. I am very happy with it so far!

    • Good value but need engineering improvements
      How do you rate this product?

      I ordered the door after extensive serch. It arrived on a timely basis. It would have been better if the quality of workmanship was better. Rubber seals in a few areas were separated from the frame & glass. I had to fix them. It would not fit into the tracks per instructions. I needed to deviate from the instructions and had to install rubber seal to close the gaps. Because the glass is thin in Florida climate more power will be used for the A/C.

    • great product
      How do you rate this product?

      ordered the tall, x-tra lg flap, door, my main coons love it,well constructed looks great and I AMMMMM picky I also purchaced 3/8in x1/2in weather stripping its 5 dollars a lowes stop looking[I DID THIS ALREADY] THIS IS IT DENISE , and yes you can install it easily I did.

    • Ideal fast fit dog door
      How do you rate this product?

      My purchase was very sucessful. I was worried that the door might be to be as theere wasn't a medium door available. The door size was perfect and the door itself fit the frame nicely. Good purchase experience.

    • not sure yet...
      How do you rate this product?

      While the door was easy to install, Istill have a gap between the patio door and the pet door as the seal is not thick enough for the gap that is there

    • Love this door.
      How do you rate this product?

      Great product. Wish we would have ordered the Patio Pet Door six months earlier. We had gotten two puppies and were having a hard time potty training them. They did not give us any signs when they wanted to go out. Since installing the patio door there has not been one accident. After the door was installed it took 2 minutes to train the dogs on how to use it. We ordered the extra large and my standard schnoodle (70 #) has no problem with the opening. If you have a dog you need to buy this product.

    • Great product
      How do you rate this product?

      My son installed this door in just a few minutes. My one cat took to it instantly, unfortunately, my other cat is still afraid of it but we are working on her

    • Excellent
      How do you rate this product?

      I didn't want to cut a hole in my wall, and a friend told me about Patio Pacific pet doors. Installed my pet door panel in about 2 minutes. My only concern was the flap size, it is smaller than my extra large pet door at my other house, after reading your customer reviews, one customer had Great Danes getting through the panel door!! My Saint Bernards clear it without a problem .... A great product, does exactly what it claims, I'd buy another one in a second, Happy customer for life

    • Love This Door
      How do you rate this product?

      This is perfect for us. Took exactly 5 minutes to install and now my two dogs can go in and out as they like. The house also stayed warm even when the evenings went down to the 30s. I wasn't sure it would be rugged enough, but my two 90lb labs haven't phased it even though the young one likes to run through it at full speed.

    • Great Product!
      How do you rate this product?

      This is my third one of these doors (different houses, different size dogs). It works great, easy to train my dogs. They learn in about an hour and my life is so much easier. Terrific product!!

    • LOVE IT!
      How do you rate this product?

      This has been great fo my Multipoo who had troubles getting potty trained. The only down side is the is that the weather stripping doesn't stick very well. But even that's not the end of the world!

    • Two thumbs up
      How do you rate this product?

      Only wish it was as easy to train my dog to go in and out as it was to install it!

      ed. note. patient 10 minute sessions is key. See our training tips at

    • Darth (Malamute) Thanks you
      How do you rate this product?

      This door changed our entire house-hold. My dog is over 3' tall at the shoulder, and about 1' wide during summer. In Winter this dog gains his winter coat so we remain hopeful he will still fit through the door

      We ordered the XL door, and it's a bit tiny, but Darth thinks it's the grandest bestest thing EVER that the tiny townhouse back-yard now belongs to him entirely.

      I took a sausage, got him all exited, then threw the sausage through his new door into the backyard, lifted the bottom of the flap to show him go, and out he went. Then I held a sausage inside and in he came to get his sausage. That was that. He Loves the door, and we love the freedom it offers all of us while keeping the house toasty and warm

      Thank you PetDoors!
      Darth's mom

    • Horrible
      How do you rate this product?

      Installation stinks, there's nothing easy about it. Help?

    • Love this product
      How do you rate this product?

      I am a 78 year old woman and I was able to install myself in about a half hour. Took "Benny" my cat about 2 minutes to figure how to go through the flap.

    • Intall instructions suck
      How do you rate this product?

      This might be an awesome product if you can figure out how to install. The installation instructions make no sense at all. How is it you don't have a how to video on your site? I am highly unsatisfied with this product.

      ed. note: We do have an installation video.

    ManufacturerIdeal Pet Products
    Your Maximum Pet SizeCats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
    Climate SuitabilityTemperate-3 Season, Mild or Utility
    Sealing ValueLow
    Wind ResistanceLow
    House Locking MethodPin Lock
    Frame MaterialExtruded Aluminum
    Track Width Minimum7/8"
    Tools Required For InstallationYes for pin lock only
    Insulation ValueLow
    Flap MaterialVinyl
    Flap DesignSingle, One Part , Flexible, Thin Flap
    Flap ColorsClear
    Flap Thickness1/8"
    Locking Cover MaterialABS Plastic
    Can Be Installed InDual Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door, Single Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door
    Dual or Single PaneSingle Pane 1/8" Thick
    “Draft Stopper” Included to Seal Stationary & Sliding Panel OverlapYes
    Warranty PeriodLimited Lifetime
    Return Period30 days
    Manufacturer's Restocking Fee0

    Quick Video on Installing the Fast Fit

    In Depth Ideal 'Fast Fit' Installation

    1. Release automatic height adjustment by turning knobs located near top of panel counter-clockwise and pressing. Height adjustment panel should fully extend upward (pull up on panel if necessary).

    2. Open sliding glass/screen door.

    3. Insert Fast Fit with knobs facing inside. Place top edge into top track of sliding glass/screen door. Lift up and swing lower portion of panel onto ridge in sliding glass door (or screen door).

    4. Slide Fast Fit against doorjamb and make sure that top is fully extended, not tilted to one side, and bottom of panel is on ridge in bottom track (Figure 1). 5. Hand-tighten knobs by turning clockwise to lock Fast Fit in place.

    To permanently install the Fast Fit, you may screw through the aluminum fins that protrude on the existing frame of your door. Drill through the fins into the Fast Fit. Install two screws in the top and two in the side by the bottom of door. Do not put any screws into the frame by the glass of the Fast Fit as breakage may occur. 

    Optional permanent placement for fixed panel sliding door. Remove screws that hold fixed glass panel in place and slide over. Insert the Fast Fit panel between stationary panel and it's jamb and re-fasten fixed glass panel.

    Installing Security Lock (Optional)

    1. With sliding door in closed position, place lock in desired location with bolt in the retracted position, pointed toward the sliding glass door or stationary window rail. Leave approximately 1/8" clearance between bolt tip and aluminum rail (Figure 5).

    2. Holding lock firmly in place, mark screw holes and center of bolt in rail of sliding door or stationary window.

    3. Drill two 5/32" holes for mounting screws and a 3/8" hole for locking bolt. Caution: Do not drill into glass.

    4. With sliding door in the closed position (with Fast Fit installed), mark position for second set of holes.

    Repeat above instructions. Caution: Do not drill into glass.

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    Ideal Pet Products Limited Lifetime Warranty

    We believe that our pet doors are the most durable on the market. That's why we were the first to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty in workmanship and materials. All defective parts will be replaced free of charge. Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the original purchaser only, with proof of sales receipt. Excludes flap or breakage of the glass panel.

    A replacement part will be sent when we receive proof of purchase and a check in the amount of $10.00 to cover shipping and handling, payable to:

    24735 Ave. Rockefeller
    Valencia, California 91355
    Attn: Pet Products Warranty Dept.

    This warranty is void if damage to material is due to improper installation or intentional abuse.

    As with any home improvement project, if you do not have the tools or skills to properly install your pet door, we suggest using a professional handyman or licensed contractor.

    Ideal imposes a 15% restocking fee on all returns.