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Some are inquisitive and independent. Some are friendly, playful, and active. You guessed it: we're talking about the ever-so-sassy cats that we all love and adore. So when it comes to their grand entrances and exits from your house, why should you choose anything other than the best cat flaps

To help you pick the perfect cat door for the royalty of your house, we’ve compiled a list of the best cat doors out there. Before you make any hasty decisions, it's best that you first figure out the personality and behavior of your cat. If you have an indoor-only cat, you may want to check our selection of indoor cat doors. For outdoor cats, the perfect cat door for doors should allow your cats to pass through comfortably without hurting them or being too small. You’ll also have to keep your region’s climate in mind before picking a door for your cat since you wouldn’t want any bad weather coming into your home through the pet door. See our list of window cat doors for more options.

So, keeping your kitty’s preferences (along with other factors like insulation, durability, wind resistance, size, and color) in mind, we have compiled a list of the Best Cat Doors that fit easily in any place of your choosing. To further make up your mind about how to pick the perfect cat door, check out our article on choosing the perfect cat door for your home and cat.


Best Cat Doors 


Best Cat Doors for Doors (Interior & Exterior Cat Doors)

Endura Flap Cat Door for Doors

 Endura Flap Cat Door for Doors front view

Engineered in the USA, this all-season, reliable, and insulating cat door complements your home with its sleek frame design and the wide array of color choices. The Endura Flap Cat Door for Doors has a flexible flap that is super easy to clean. With the locking cover, you can be stress-free about keeping your cats inside or outside while giving them the freedom to come and go as they please. 


Sure Petcare - SureFlap DualScan Cat Flap

The Sureflap Microchip DualScan Cat Flap

With this Sureflap DualScan Cat Flap, no raccoons or strays will enter your home without your permission. Perfect for households with indoor-only and indoor-outdoor cats, this cat door is equipped with microchip scanning so you won’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to let your cats in or out. If your cat isn’t chipped yet, this door has RFID collar keys available to allow them to move in and out freely. 


SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect for Doors

Sureflap app controlled pet door with microchip technology

There’s nothing better than a cat door that you can control with an app on your phone, giving you all the time in the world to work or travel as you please without worrying about your furry friend. The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect for Doors’ high tech microchip sensor prohibits the entry of raccoons or other unwanted critters into your home. Its curfew mode locks the door at programmed time intervals so your cat cannot step outside past their kitty curfew without your permission. Even if your cat is outside when the curfew mode is enabled, they would be able to step back in easily through the door.


Best Cat Doors for Walls


Hale Cat Doors for Walls

The Hale Cat Door for Walls

Cat door with weather resistant flaps

The best cat doors are the ones with weather-resistant flaps that keep your house insulated, maintaining a constant temperature throughout the day. The Hale Cat Door for Walls comes in two sizes that will easily fit even the heftiest of cats. With its clear and flexible flaps, your cats can go in and out of the pet door without trouble. No more worrying about letting your cats out yourself. 


Endura Flap Cat Doors for Walls

Endura Flap Cat Door for walls

Equipped with adjustable magnets, the Endura Flap Cat Doors for Walls allows you to easily train your cat to go in and out when they please. The flap is designed with a locking cover that easily accommodates kitties of all sizes. With the help of its weather-proofing characteristics, this pet door allows you to maintain the insulation in your home while providing a safe passage for your cat. 


SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Wall Mount

Microchip Cat Door Wall Mount

If you have a cat that doesn’t like to be tied down with a collar, the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Wall Mount is the right door for you. Equipped with microchip scanning technology, this pet door comes with a curfew mode that allows your cat easy access when it is enabled. It even prevents small critters from entering your home without your permission.


    Best Magnetic or Electronic Cat Doors

    SureFlap Microchip Pet Door for Doors

    SureFlap Mirochip Petdoor for Small Cats

    Are you living in a blustery, windy place? The locking features of the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door are perfect for you since it ensures that the flap stays shut once your cat has passed through. Equipped with a curfew mode, this pet door prevents your kitty from stepping out in the middle of the night, eliminating sleep loss and safety concerns. Even if your cat is outside while the curfew mode is enabled, they would be able to easily step back in with the microchip scanning technology.


    SureFlap DualScan Cat Flap

    SureFlap DualScan Cat Flap with Microchip Scanning from the inside and outside

    The SureFlap DualScan Cat Flap is perfect for homes with indoor and outdoor cats. Complete with a microchip scanning technology and an RFID collar alternative, this pet door will eliminate the need for you to lock and unlock the door manually, helping you get a whole night’s sleep. It even helps to keep strays and raccoons out of your home. 


    SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

    Isn’t it super convenient to operate every day things at the click of a button on your smartphones? Well, the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect for Doors is one of the most energy-efficient cat doors and allows you the ease of accessing your pet’s door with an easy-to-use app on your phone. With its microchip scanning technology, it ensures that your cat has the highest level of security, especially when the curfew mode is on. Since your cat is scanned every time they step in and out of your house, it prohibits the entry of strays and raccoons into your house. 


    Best Cat Doors for Screens

    Hale Cat Door for Screens

    Hale Cat Doors for Screens, windows and enclosures

    It’s a proven fact that access to the outdoors can increase your cat's activity level. Stop your cat from clawing at the screen door when they want in or out by installing the Hale Cat Door for Screens. It can be conveniently installed in a corner, thereby providing more stability, making it last longer than other pet doors.


    Ideal Screen-Fit Cat Door

    Cat door for window screens and screen doors

      Tired of cutting holes in doors and walls? Check out this Ideal Screen Fit Cat Door that can be easily installed into your screen door, allowing you to keep the sliding door closed as per your convenience. Its sleek design works well for cats of all shapes and sizes, giving them the freedom to move in and out of the house whenever they want. 


      Petsafe Pet Screen Door

      Petsafe pet screen doors for small cats

        Give your cat the freedom to step in and out of the house whenever they please. Great for rented spaces where you can't make permanent changes to solid doors or walls, the PetSafe Pet Screen Door fits easily into your screen door. With minimal tools required for installation, you can easily install this pet door yourself without breaking your rent agreement. 


        Best Cat Doors for Vertical Sliding Windows

        Thermo Sash 3e Cat Doors for Sash Windows

        Thermo sash cat door for windows

        Perfect for vacation homes and rented properties, the Endura Flap Thermo Sash 3e, helps you avoid any permanent alterations to your home’s construction. Its flexible flap doesn’t snag or pinch during use. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, the durability and insulation quality is ensured to eliminate heating or cooling loss. 


        Thermo Sash 2e with Sure Petcare - SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

        SureFlap Microchip Cat door for sash windows

        Easy to install and equipped with microchip scanning technology, the Thermo Sash 2e’s spring-loaded design is easy to remove. With a curfew mode installed, you don’t have to lose sleep over letting your cats out in the middle of the night. This pet door lets your furry friend enter with the help of the microchip scanning even when curfew mode is enabled, which will prevent strays and raccoons from entering your house. Its sleek and modern panel even complements your home’s decor.


        Ideal "Cat Sash" Cat Doors for Sash Windows

        Ideal Cat "Sash" Cat Doors for Windows

          Blending in perfectly with common window designs, the Ideal Cat Sash for Sash Windows’ white framing and sturdy flap is perfect for moderate weather resistance. The easy, spring-loaded installation helps you avoid permanent alterations to your home. Its 4-way lock gives you complete control over your furry friend’s access in and out from the sash window.  


          Best Cat Doors for Horizontal Sliding Windows

          Endura Flap Cat Door for Horizontal Sliding Windows

          Cat doors for Horizontal Sliding Windows

            You don’t need to make permanent alterations to your rented property to install the Endura Flap Cat Door for Horizontal Sliding Windows for your kitty. Available in white, bronze, and brushed aluminum, it complements your home’s window frames perfectly. With its locking cover, you can prevent your cat from leaving the house without your permission. Made with durable, long-lasting materials, this pet door will give your cats the freedom to enter and exit your home for years to come.


            Whiskers & Windows Cat Door for Horizontal Sliding Windows

            Whiskers & Windows Small Cat Door for Horizontal Sliding Windows

              The Whiskers & Windows Cat Door for Horizontal Sliding Window a rigid flap pet door with a built-in lock for all the renters out there. Customize this pet door as per your feline friend’s requirements with its two flap sizes and adjustment ranges that fit most windows. 


              PetSafe Horizontal Window Pet Door

              Petsafe Horizontal Window Cat Door

              Looking for a fast, affordable way to install a pet door for your cat? The PetSafe Horizontal Window Pet Door is made just for your home. It requires no drilling or cutting and installs in just seconds. With its spring-loaded design, you can easily adjust up to 3 inches instantaneously, creating a snug, weather-tight fit. Great for cats of all shapes and sizes, this pet door will allow your cats the freedom to move in and out whenever they please. For added security, it even comes with an additional door cover that snaps into place over the flap. 


              Best Cat Doors for Glass

              Pet Door Guys for Cats - "In The Glass"

              Pet doors Guys In Glass Pet doors for Small Dogs and Cats

                On the lookout for that perfect pet door for a sliding glass door frame? Check out the Cat Door Guys in the Glass pet door to allow your cats the freedom to move in and out of your home. What’s better? You can customize this door as per your cat’s needs. All you need to do is book an appointment with a local glass professional of your choosing to obtain accurate measurements and installation. A glass professional will visit your home and take measurements. Then, the glass in the sliding door will be replaced with the one with the cat door. Its energy-efficient, flexible flap ensures complete insulation for your home.


                Hale Through the Glass Dog Doors for Glass Doors Double Flap

                Hale Through the Glass Cat Doors for Glass Doors Double Flap

                Choosing a pet door for a glass frame is not an easy feat. This is why we have shortlisted the Hale Through the Glass Pet Door. It grants your cats the freedom to come and go from your home as they please. Available in 11 different size options, its lightweight flaps are easy to pass through for pets of all sizes. 


                Hale Pet Doors for French Doors

                Hale pet doors for french doors

                If you have a French door in your home and are worried about ruining its charm with a pet door, then the Hale Pet Doors for French Doors is for you. Available in 4 stunning colors, the sturdy aluminum frames blend in perfectly with the beauty of your French door. The single or double clear, flexible flaps are easy to use for pets of all sizes while ensuring the increased energy efficiency of your home by maintaining insulation. Its locking cover is equipped with a pin lock for excellent security. 


                Best Cat Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

                Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e for Cats

                kitty door for sliding glass doors

                For all the renters who are looking for a pet door without having to make permanent alterations to your home, the Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e allows you to occasionally take out the panel for complete use of the sliding door. Its flexible flaps prevent the cats from pinching or snagging when they use it to go in and out. The structurally sound design prevents heating and cooling loss, ensuring durable longevity. 


                Thermo Panel 2e with Sureflap DualScan Cat Flap

                SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Door

                Worried about raccoons or strays entering your home through your pet door? Check out the Thermo Panel 2e with the SureFlap DualScan Cat Flap that is fully equipped with microchip scanning technology, allowing your pets to pass through without troubling you. If your cat is not chipped, you can always get an RFID collar that will lock and unlock the flap.  


                Endura Flap Vinyl Sliding Glass Cat Door

                Double flap vinyl panel sliding glass cat doors by Endura Flap

                Very few pet doors complement the decor of your home perfectly. However, the Endura Flap Vinyl Cat Door for Sliding Glass Door comes in the common white sliding glass door frame color to fit right in with your home’s interior. The vinyl frame fits seamlessly into the track to offer high insulation value. You can even remove the panel at any time with the help of its semi-permanent, spring-loaded design and also secure the door when necessary with its sturdy locking cover. 



              • Are cat doors a good idea?
              • Yes. A cat door serves as an excellent option for all pet parents who want to live their life without the hassle of letting their cats inside or outside the house manually. Depending on the kind of cat door you choose, you can almost completely control your pet’s access to different areas of the house as well. 

                There are quite a few cat doors with 5 stars, but it does depend on your application. For interior use, the 234-235, and 221 Cat-Mate doors are the best. If you are looking for electronics, then the SureFlap Microchip Pet Doors. Through door and wall, the Hale Pet Door is the most aesthetically pleasing choice. Check out these 24 Best Cat Doors on the market (depending on where you want to install it).

              • How hard is it to install a cat door?
              • Installing a cat door is pretty simple if you follow the guidelines properly and use the right tools. But then again, the effort you put into installing a cat door largely depends on the location you choose for it. For instance, it is relatively easy to install a cat door in an interior or exterior door. Meanwhile, the best through wall cat door brands would be the same as the more weatherproof dog doors, just get it in the small size. 

              • What is the difference between a cat door and a dog door?
              • Some cats can use a dog door, but there are other doors more suited for cats. The most distinguishing feature that makes specialized cat doors different from standard pet doors is their rigid flaps. Most advertised cat doors will have a clear polycarbonate or plastic flap. They are designed this way for both comfort and usability. It also prevents cats from clawing at the flap. Other features that cat doors often come with include fuzzy weather-stripping-like material on the lining of the flap, hand locks, and magnetic closure.

              • How will the cat door prevent other animals from entering my home?
              • To keep out the neighborhood raccoons, who can usually figure out how to use their claws to pull the flap out towards them and enter your home, you need a special kind of electronic pet door. Many electronic cat doors and microchip cat flaps give you complete control of who enters your home.


                Based on you and your cat's needs, you can find the best cat door for the royalty of your home from our recommendations. In case you aren’t on board with the whole cats v. dogs debate, check out our article on the Best Dog Doors for Cold Weather as well.


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