Sliding Glass Dog Doors

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A sliding glass pet door can be a great addition for you, your dog and your home.


Patio Panel Pet Door for Sliding Glass Door

Patio panel pet doors go by many names, but they all offer great solutions to add a doggie door or cat door to your sliding glass door. No need to cut a hole in a door or wall. No need to modify your sliding glass door framing. When you move, take it with you. Look below for some of the best pet doors for sliding glass doors. 

Note: For a sliding glass pet door shorter than about 75" or taller than about 96", please see Custom Dimension Pet Doors for more choices.


Read FAQs about Sliding Glass Pet Doors below >>


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The most common are "General Purpose" models intended to adapt to virtually any sliding glass door. They normally come in a variety of sizes and may be "spring-loaded" for easy put-in and take-out or they may be toe-nailed in your track. The "spring-loads" are the most popular and common.

In recent years vinyl framed sliding glass doors have become much more common and there are doggie doors for sliding glass doors designed specifically for that situation. We suggest starting with these and then moving to a general purpose type if there is some feature missing or if it doesn't seem to meet your needs.

Finally, there are a few magnetic-operated or motorized panels that may be used to control access. Your pet may come and go but intruders are kept out. You might also want this type if you're trying to let the dog out but keep a cat or other animal in.

Important considerations

There are three that are most important:

In choosing a pet patio door it is vital to know that your track height is in the adjustment range of the door you have chosen.

Secondly, you must be sure that the flap size and step-over is appropriate for your pet.

Finally you need to be sure that you'll have room to walk out yourself if you have a pet patio panel in place! If not, and you'd still like to use your patio door, take a look at the through the glass category page.

As well, there are quite a few other details that might be important for you to think about in purchasing any panel pet door. Begin with key points to get a quick overview of the most important issues. Then study the comparison chart and read the information on the patio panel FAQ page which covers the fine points of sliding dog doors.

Important note

These pet doors for sliding glass doors aren't only for dogs. In fact, they may be a better choice for cats than the ones intended specifically for cats! The reason is that each manufacturer generally offers a "Small" size and the flaps are all flexible and, therefore, safer than rigid "cat flaps".

Measure the height of your sliding glass door track

Don't just assume that 'it's standard' as they do vary. Using a ruler, measure inside the track, very top to very bottom (see the illustration in the patio panel FAQ section). Always compare your track height to the adjustment ranges shown for the various pet doors. Endura Flap offers custom heights for odd-sized sliders and windows. Most others don't.

Determine how wide the flap needs to be

Open your sliding glass door wide enough for your pet to come through comfortably. Allow room for growth as needed. There's your minimum width. Don't buy a flap that isn't at least that wide.

Determine the flap height and step-over dimensions you need

Ideally, the top of the flap will be at least as tall as the top of the pet at his 'withers' (top of his shoulders). That way he doesn't have to crouch to use the pet door. The 'step-over' dimension is the height of the bottom of the flap above the base of the pet door. That's how much he has to step over.

So, flap height plus step-over is the height of the top of the flap.

Generally, the lower the step-over tthe better. Especially when your pet is older or arthritic. So you might prefer a flap 17" tall with a 3" step-over to one with a 15" height and 5" step-over. Both reach 20" at the top, but the taller flap yields a lower step-over.

More flap and less step-over can also be helpful if you've got a small pet that needs to share with a larger one.
A pet door that incorporates a user adjustable step-over makes it simpler and offers more flexibility for the future. These are only available with Endura Flap pet panels.

Check the color of your framing

Most brands are available in white, satin (aluminum color) or bronze (very dark brown). You can paint any of these to get a different color if you wish but the easiest to paint is the white. Check with your local paint shop for primer and paint recommendations.

See if you have dual-pane glass

You probably do and, unless you're in a Very temperate climate area, you'll want to choose a pet door that has dual-pane glass also. You can tell by placing a finger on both sides of your glass. If they look like they're touching, you have single pane. If they stop about 1/2" apart, you have dual pane.

If you want dual-pane glass, how about Low "E" also?

This coating on the inside of dual pane glass units performs much better than regular glass in insulating your home.

Are you looking for high wind resistance--so you want higher magnet strength on the flap--or are you planning to share a larger flap between a big dog and a smaller dog or cat--so you  may need less resistance, especially at the bottom of the flap?

A Variable Magnet Strength Flap will give you enormous flexibility from extremely wind resistant to very easy to push and everywhere in between.  Look for this feature if you think you may have a need.  Pet

See if you've got vinyl frames

There is more standardization in the newer vinyl framed panel doors. Some patio pet doors are manufactured exclusively for this application.

Worried about bugs flying in between the patio pet door and the screen?

Check out the Bug Warden. If you ever keep your sliding glass door open for ventilation, this is a 'must' product.


Q: Does have a door option if my current sliding glass door is a dual pane/insulated glass door?

A: If your sliding glass door is dual paned/insulated you may be glad to know that PetDoors has a number of dog doors for glass doors available for your specific situation. A few options available offer a low "E" coating for even better performance. The low “E”  feature is especially important in extreme weathers as it keeps the heat from escaping the house on a cold, snowy day and visa versa; it keeps the cool air in on a hot sunny day. Also, low outside temperatures combined with moist, warm air inside can result in condensation on the inside of any glass window including that in a dog door for sliding glass door. Dual pane, low "E" glass can greatly reduce or eliminate this problem. Three great options, for dual pane/low “E” coating doors, PetDoors can provide for you would be:

Thermo Panel 3eHale Standard PanelHale Omni Panel

In more temperate climates, single pane glass may be perfectly adequate. After all, the area of the glass in a pet door is pretty small and won't make much difference in mild climates. Three other options for single pane glass doors are:  

Quick Panel 3Ideal Fast Fit PanelPetsafe Freedom Panel

Q: How do I tell if my sliding glass door is dual-pane or single pane?sliding glass patio doors - dual or single pane

A: Open your slider and put a finger on both sides of the glass. If your fingers look like they're touching, you have single pane glass. If they stop about 1/2" apart, you have dual pane glass. You probably won't be able to tell if you have a low "E" coating, though you may see a slight tint that would give it away. To the right is an example of what a dual pane/low “E” coating door would look like, so you can better determine what type of door you own.

Q: Does have anything for my newer vinyl framed sliding glass door?

A: A newer type of dog door for sliding door are built specifically for installation in vinyl framed sliding glass door tracks. We think they're a great choice because, with vinyl frames themselves, they look more like they "belong" and will generally engage with the lock on your sliding glass door.

However, there are disadvantages as well. They're relatively hard to install, they're not easily removable, and they come in a very limited range of flap sizes and 'step-over' heights.  Based on our customer experience we find some prefer the vinyl specific option, while others have decided on the more general-purpose dog doors for sliding glass doors to get a broader range of feature choices. The best two pet panels recommended specifically for vinyl sliding doors would be: 

Ideal VIP PanelIdeal VPP Panel

Q: How do I know the correct track position to install the panel pet door in?

A: Many choose to install their sliding glass pet door in the glass track against the sliding door jamb. Then the sliding glass door opens and closes against it. The pet door is always stationary.

Some choose an outside screen track. In that case, we suggest you use a 'spring-load' (no tools installation) type that is particularly thin such as the Ideal Fast Fit. If the glass track height and screen track height are close enough in width, you may be able to move the sliding door pet door from one another as the weather dictates.

Please notice that the thickness of the pet door will not be the same as the thickness of your track. There are too many track widths to make a separate panel for each one and so no manufacturer does. They are all built on the 'thin' side in order to make it compatible with any sliding door track. Properly installed, this fact is not noticeable.

The vinyl-framed pet doors will be thicker to more nearly match vinyl-framed sliding glass doors.

Q: Do I want a 'temporary' or a 'semi-permanent' pet door installed?

A: A temporary installation doggie door for sliding glass door may be put in and taken out again easily. This would be the better option if you do not want the panel to be located in one position all the time. For example, you may wish to use the panel only during warm weather or only when you are at home. Having a temporary panel presents a flexible solution.

A semi-permanent pet door for sliding glass door, on the other hand, must be fastened into the track. The panel must be fastened because the manufacturer has put a lock on the pet door which mates to a bracket on the sliding glass door. For that lock to work, the panel must be fastened in place.

On top of those two options there is a group of pet doors for sliding doors that are neither a temporary install nor a semi-permanent install, but somewhere in between. That is, they may require tools to set up but are not fastened into your track.

If a semi-permanent install is desired and your sliding glass door uses an alarm, it is possible to install the panel on the side of the stationary half of the sliding glass door. This type of installation may help avoid needing to reset your alarm system. Keep in mind that every sliding glass door’s stationary panel is different, so moving and reinstalling tactics vary and does not have one specific answer that would suffice.

Another installation possibility that is commonly overlooked, is that all pet doors that are designed for temporary installation may be made semi-permanent by fastening them into the track with sheet metal screws. A temporary type panel has the broadest range of installation choices.

Q: What step-over do I want?

A: 'Step-Over' is the height that the flap is raised above the ground. So a Bassett Hound and a Doberman may both be able to use a typical 'large' size flap but only if the 'step-over' is set low for the Bassett and higher for the Dobe. The rule is that you want the step-over to be tall enough to get the top of the flap at least as tall as the height of the pet at the top of his shoulder (we say at least an inch above is preferred). So, if you are using a 10"x15" flap for a dog standing 22" at the withers, you'd like the step-over to be at least 7".

But that isn't the end of the story. What happens when the dog gets older or arthritic and has trouble stepping over 7"? Then you'll wish you had bought a taller flap with a lower step-over!

So one thing to look for in a flap is 'aspect ratio' which is the ratio of the height to the width. Taller aspect ratio flaps allow for lower step-overs for a given width.

A doggy door with an adjustable step over range has removable cross pieces above and below the flap that can be rearranged based upon whether or not you want your step over raised or lowered, and all you would need is a Phillips head screwdriver.  The patented user adjustable step-over feature in the Thermo Panel 3e or Quick Panel 3 provides great flexibility both now and in the future. What if your tall dog goes to the Rainbow Bridge and you replace him with a shorter one (from the local shelter, of course!)? Now the little guy can't manage the step-over that was easy for the big guy. But you can simply lower the step-over! Neat!

You can simply buy a larger size in a different brand, of course, to get more flap height. But then you'll be getting more width than you need in addition to the height. Major disadvantages of excess width include loss of space in the opening for people use and additional cost.

When measuring for the proper rise, take a look at the image. You want the top of the pet door at least 1" above the tallest point of the back, in other words the top of the flap should be C+1". Take a look at our measure your pet page for more info!

doggie doors for glass doors rise doggie door for glass door measure your dog


Q: Can I return a doggy door for sliding glass door after purchase?

A: Yes, our regular return policy applies to all sliding glass patio doors except custom doors. However, be aware that there are 2 specific situations that would make the return more difficult:

First, a common return issue presents itself if, upon your installation of your doggy door for sliding glass door you apply the weather-strip to the edge of the panel, and soon after realize you want to return the product. This creates a considerable amount of labor in manufacturing in order to fully remove that weather-strip. In some cases, the panel must be rebuilt completely. All these labor costs will be deducted from your refund or; if the damage is severe enough the return may not be accepted at all.

Q: What height adjustment ranges and trim colors are available?

sliding glass dog door insert height adjustments

A: Doggy door for sliding glass door manufacturers usually offer white, bronze (a very dark brown that is almost black looking, especially in room light) and brushed aluminum. In some cases the offering is white only as with the vinyl pet doors and sometimes there may be an additional color like tan or black, depending on brand and model type.

Dog doors for sliders are offered in various height adjustment ranges and the single most important problem is to be sure that your track height is in the adjustment range of the sliding glass door dog door you're considering. You measure inside the sliding glass door track, the very top to the very bottom. When measuring, don't do it all at once. If you do, the top of the tape will be curving and hard to read where it ends. Instead, measure inside the top track down to a convenient height--say 2 feet--and make a pencil line. Then measure up from the bottom track to that line and add. This method is extremely accurate. Height adjustment ranges will be shown on the product page for each of these sliding door dog doors.

A NOTE OF CAUTION when measuring your track height:

sliding glass door with dog door

Even though your measurement falls within the adjustment range of the sliding glass doggie door you have chosen, you could still have a problem if you are at the shorter end of that range. You will probably require some clearance to get the pet door up and over the track wall at the bottom and into the track!

You should measure the height of the lowest track wall at the bottom (usually the outside). You'll need enough compression to clear that height. Please call our customer service department if you have any question about this. Some pet door patio dog door have special provision for decreasing or increasing the adjustment range a small amount (about 3/4") on the job site anti-whoops!. This feature can save having to ship the pet door back in case of a small measurement error.

Q: Will bugs be able to come through the doorway, between the sliding glass door doggie door and sliding screen door?

A: You can still get ventilation with a glass track installation by opening the sliding glass door and bringing the screen up even with the pet door. But how do you stop a bug from flying in between the screen and the pet panel?

The best solution to this problem is the Bug Warden which was specifically designed by a Southern California engineer. These can be purchased individually and are sometimes available at a discount with the purchase of selected sliding glass pet doors.

The Dreaded "Bug Gap"

The Dreaded Bug Gap

Q: How will I lock up my house with the installed sliding door doggie door in place?

A: There are numerous methods for locking your house when using a pet door panel or cat door for sliding glass door:

1. Those panel pet doors designed for a semi-permanent installation only will have a lock built into the pet door that you will use instead of the lock on your sliding glass door. That lock will engage a bracket mounted on your sliding glass door above your existing lock and locks the sliding door to the pet door. This system requires that the pet door be fastened semi-permanently in place. The panels that use this method would be:

doggie doors for glass doors rise doggie door for glass door measure your dog
PetSafe FreedomHale Standard Panel

2. A second approach is to use a pin lock, c-clamp lock or dead-bolt lock to lock the glass door against the pet door. These can be used for both temporary and semi-permanent types of installations and are extremely effective. Note that pin locks are most readily used when the sliding panel is on the inside track. If it is on the outside track (an uncommon situation), it may be easier to install a threshold mount dead-bolt type lock. These are available from us in the Flaps and Parts->Accessories section but also in any local hardware.

doggie doors for glass doors risedoggie doors for glass doors risedoggie door for glass door measure your dog
Pin LockC-ClampDead-Bolt

3. Some very specialized pet patio doors will actually mate to the lock on your sliding glass door.  These doors would be the Ideal VIP Panel and the Ideal VPP Panel.

4. A great idea is to use a 'Charley Bar'. The Charley Bar mounts behind the sliding glass door on the jamb and locks the sliding glass door against the pet door. You don't need a pet door to use a Charley Bar. They're frequently used just to improve the security of a sliding glass door. When used with a pet door, the Charley Bar has an important added benefit. The pressure applied is near the center of the sliding glass door which results in more even pressure between the sliding door and the pet door. This, in turn, helps make a tighter seal between the two and reduces the chance of a leak.

How to Install a Charley Bar (Video)


Q: With the installation of my new Sliding Glass Door Patio Panel, the total width of walking space decreases with the panel in place, how do I make sure that I will still have enough room to walk through?

A: After fitting your pet, be sure the remaining opening in your sliding door fits you. If it's tight and this situation displeases you, look for a dog door sliding glass door with a higher aspect ratio for the flap. For example, why get a 14" x 23" flap if your pet can easily use a 12" x 23"? You just saved two inches. Or you can put a pet door directly through the glass of your sliding glass door: See Pet Doors "Through The Glass" Category doors for sliding glass doors


Q: How do you measure the track on sliding glass door models?

A: Measure the inside of the track with measuring tape or a ruler from the deepest part up inside the top track and down into the deepest part down inside the bottom track. Don't assume that it's a "standard" size track, it's very important to have accurate measurements. Always compare your track height to adjustment ranges shown for the various dog doors. Endura Flap offers custom heights for odd-sized sliders and windows. Hale panels require a slightly different measuring method (Standard and Omni panel), these products require you to measure from deepest part of the bottom track up to the track wall, or first feature you touch, when measuring to the top of the track.


  Measuring for a Patio Panel

measuring patio panel pet door  

  Measuring for a Hale Standard/Omni Panel

   hale panel dog door in sliding glass door

Q: My sliding glass door has 2 sliding doors. Do you have any patio panel pet door inserts that will work for this type of door?

A: Depending on the track setup we have had customers install the Thermo Panel 3e in this type of sliding door. However, a good way to install them is to move one of your sliding glass doors over offsetting it.  Then install that sliding glass door pet door and make the offset slider stationary, serving as the wall.

Q: What is the potential problem with getting a dog door with the range 74 3/4"-77 3/4" for a track height of 74 3/4"?

A: Since 74 3/4" is the actual height of your track, the pet patio door would probably barely fit or not fit as it must compress enough so that you can get it up and over the track walls of your sliding door during installation. The dog door should be a little shorter to assure that you can compress the top enough to allow you to lift it into the track for installation. If you're having this problem with the Ideal or Endura Flap models, you can trim the aluminum flanges on the top. Endura Flap models can be trimmed up to ¾” while Ideal Fast Fit models can be trimmed up to 1”

Q: What kind of panel would I need to install for a sliding window location?

A: A sideways sliding window is just like a sliding glass door but shorter. So you'll be purchasing a panel pet door built 'custom height undersize'.

Two things to remember:

First, you must measure the width of your window track. It may not be wide enough to accept the panel. If your measurement of the track is less than 1" call our customer service department with an exact measurement to consult about this.

Secondly, the height you are specifying will be unusual enough that it must be a final sale--no return after manufacture. You will find these undersized units on the For Windows category page.

Custom height orders must be in writing, so the easiest way is to order directly from the web site.

If your window slides up and down then you'll want a pet door for a sash window which is designed for that specific window type. A number of models are available at the For Windows category page.

A Pet Door Designed for a Sash WindowA Thermo Panel 3e built Custom Height Undersize to fit a sideways sliding window

Q: Will the aluminum panel fit with my vinyl slider track?

A: Sometimes the aluminum panels are not as wide as the tracks on the vinyl sliders, as typically they tend to be about 7/8" to 1" in thickness. In some cases customers have actually shimmed in at the top and bottom to make up for any wiggle room in front or behind the panel. Or they have toe-nailed the panel in, where the screws are installed at an angle to go through the panel and into the track, making the installation more semi-permanent. In other cases the doors have fit in just fine and been perfectly stable, even if the facing of the frames are not flush with each when viewed from the interior of the house, it is merely an aesthetic issue. Many customer have to go with the aluminum sliders simply because the doors specifically for vinyl have very limited flap dimensions and height ranges available.



Q: Can an intruder remove the Endura Flap dog door for slider from the outside?

A: No, the thumb screws are on the inside of the panel, so once installed, the Endura Flap Panel cannot be lifted out and removed without first loosening the thumb screws from inside the home.

Q: Does the Endura Flap dog door sliding door come with locking covers for security?

A: Yes, these dog doors come with locking covers to ensure safety for your pet and home. Endura Flaps have locking covers that slide over them on the side facing inside your home and are made of sturdy, heavy duty ABS plastic. Unfortunately, they cannot be used on the outside of Endura Flap Panels as an alternative. We do sell extra locking covers in the case that the one included with your doggy door is misplaced!

Q: Do the Endura Flap panels require tools for installation?

A:  Endura Flap sliding glass dog doors under 80 ¼” do not require tools, however everything above this height generally will require some tools for installation. What we call a sectional panel will be shipped in two pieces because it is so tall. Breaking the pet door for sliding door down saves the customers on shipping costs, because we are able to ship in a smaller package. The sectionals will need to be assembled with 4 hex screws and a hex wrench, all of which are provided.

Q: Under which height for a Endura Flap sliding dog door would it need to be custom?

A: If your height measurement is less than 74 3/4" then you would need to order a custom dog door sliding glass.

Q: At which height over 74 3/4" would a sliding door dog door insert need to be custom?

A: 80 ¼” is the maximum height of the more standard sizes.  Anything between 80 ¼” - 93 1/4”, would need to be a custom order. Furthermore, there is a tall height range, and anything above the maximum of the tall height range which is 96 ¼” will need to be custom ordered.

Q: What is the tallest non-custom height available for a Endura Flap Panel?

A: The tallest non-custom height range available is 93 1/4"-96 1/4".

Q: What is the absolute minimum and absolute maximum custom heights for Endura Flap Panels, including all flap sizes?

A: The absolute minimum and absolute maximum sizes are as follows:

Model                Minimum        Maximum

Small #6              35"                 100"

Medium #8           42"                 107"

Large #10             48"                 117"

Extra Large #12     46"                123"

Q: What is the difference between the Endura Flap Thermo Panel and the Endura Flap Quick Panel?

A: The Thermo and Quick Panels are identical except the Quick Panels have heavy duty single pane glass while the Thermo Panels have dual pane, low 'E' glass. For this reason, the Quick Panel is a better fit for more moderate climates or where a lighter weight panel is desired and the Thermo panel is more suitable for four season use.

Q: How long is the warranty for my Endura Flap Panel Door?

A: The warranty for the Endura Flap assembly is for a period of 15 years and the warranty for the rest of the assembly (the panel) is for 10 years and excludes glass breakage. The warranty for assemblies employed in commercial kennels are warranted for 3 years.

Q: Is the Thermo Panel 3e or the Quick Panel 3e more appropriate for extreme weather?

A: The Thermo Panel 3e is more appropriate for extreme weather because of the dual pane, low 'E' glass.

Q: What is the anti-whoops feature that is included in all Endura Flap Panel Doors?

A: The anti-whoops feature is included in all Endura Flap doggie door for sliding door dog doors. If you've mismeasured, you may be able to salvage the situation: To make your sliding glass door with dog door about 1" taller, you may purchase a height extension (or make your own using 1" x lumber). To make your sliding glass pet door insert slightly shorter you may trim the top flanges that accept the height extension with a hacksaw or a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade.

Q: What does the Draft Stopper do for my sliding panel door?

A: Also known as the 'Center Post Weather Strip', it seals the gap created between stationary and sliding glass doors when a panel doggy door is installed. These are essential for an airtight seal and in fact some customers use one inside and one outside in extreme climates.  We included it in all Thermo Panel 3e, Quick Panel 3 and Thermo Panel 3e Microchip sliding glass pet doors for sliding glass doors, but you can use our draft stopper with any panel pet door.

Q: Do I need an electronic pet door for my patio or will a regular manual one do?

A: Generally, we recommend that if you do not have a specific reason to get an electronic sliding pet door then you should get a regular manual one. There is less that could go wrong as far a possible malfunctioning. However, if you've got a stray cat problem or a raccoon problem, you'll need an electronic patio panel which would keep all unwanted animals out. Another aspect to think about is if your dog or cat is infirm or very old, one of the motorized panels that allows them in and out freely without them needing to push a flap might be the ticket to a comfortable and easy process for your pet.

Q: Can the Endura Flap Panel come with an electric door?

A: We have the Thermo Panel 2e Microchip Patio Panel that incorporates the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door into our dual pane glass panel.  This is suitable for large cats and small dogs, as the flap dimension is 7” x 7” and works off your pets embedded microchip. If your pet does not yet have the chip then it comes with an RFID collar key that can be used.



Q: Does the Ideal Fast Fit pet doors for sliding doors require tools for installation?

A: Yes, you will need a drill if you want to install the locking mechanism.

Q: Which sizes of Ideal Fast Fit sliding door cat door can be ordered with Ideal Fast Fit Height Extensions?

A: You can order height extensions for the all the regular or tall panels.  Extensions are available if the panel height plus the extension height is equal to or less then 110 1/2”. If the extension is greater than 14" it can be made, but the manufacturer suggests that you semi-permanently install the panel as it might be a bit unstable.

Q: What is the formula for determining the height extension needed for a given track height on an Ideal Fast Fit patio dog doors?

A: Calculate the height extension needed for a given track height by subtracting the maximum height of the adjustment range of the panel you've chosen from the measured height of your sliding glass door track and then add back 2-1/8".

Q: What extension would be needed for a track height of 90" for the Ideal Fast Fit Panel?

A:  An 11 3/4" extension would be needed because the medium height adjustment range goes up until 80 3/8".  To get this answer you use the formula (90” - 80 ?”) + 2 ?” = 11 3/4”

Q: Does the Ideal Fast Fit Panel have an adjustable step-over?

A: No, the Fast Fit does not have an adjustable step over. However, you can get a custom step-over. Keep in mind that the custom step over cannot be adjusted once built, and it does make the item non-returnable.

Q: Does the Ideal Fast Fit Panel door include a Draft Stopper?

A: Yes, this door does come with a draft door sliding glass door draft sealer

Q: What is the frame thickness of the Ideal Fast Fit Dog Door?

A: The frame thickness is 5/8".

Q: What type of flap does the Ideal Fast Fit cat doors for sliding glass doors come with?

A: It comes with the regular vinyl flap which has a plastic frame. If this breaks, we carry the replacement flap assembly and just the replacement flaps. If you have the old metal framing, then you'll probably only need then replacement flap for metal frames, not the whole assembly.

Q: Does the Fast Fit come with a cat option?>

A: A cat could use this door, but there is an option that has a cat door installed as fit sliding cat door

Ideal “Fast Fit” Sliding Glass Cat Door

Q: Can the Ideal Fast Fit come with an electric door?

A: Yes, it can come with a one way magnetic cat door, it’s the Ideal E-Cat Electronic Panel.

Q: I am trying to decide between an Aluminum panel and Vinyl panel, what are a few major differences in the two?

A: When considering the two options, we recommend basing the decision on the type of climate you are living in, and also whether or not you want the panel to be semi-permanent or temporary. The aluminum option would be better in a warmer climate, where Vinyl is better in colder climates because aluminum creates condensation on the door from the cold climate. On the other hand, Aluminum would be the better option if your major concern is the ease of removability. The Vinyl option would be a semi-permanent installation and less easy to remove.  Also with the vinyl your track has to be 1-½” - 1-¾”, and the flap sizes are fairly restrictive so for larger pets the aluminum might be the only option.

Q: What is the Ideal Modular Pet Door model?

A: The modular model ships in two pieces that are assembled into a regular height sliding glass door doggie door insert. Usually, patio panel boxes are very tall and awkward to carry and ship. This helps save on shipping costs (especially internationally).The Ideal Modular pet door has; a spring-loaded height adjustment with locking thumb screws, single pane tempered glass, and a vinyl flap inside the plastic frame. A common measuring problem with the Ideal Modular door presents itself if  you're track height is close to the bottom end of the range, then you may have a problem as the sliding glass door dog door insert needs to get even shorter to get over the track wall and into the track.

Q: What track range is available for the Ideal Modular Doggy Door?

A: The track range available is 77 5/8" - 80 3/8".

Q: Is there a cat version for the Ideal Modular?

A: There is, and it is exactly the same as the Modular Pet Door except the pet door that is used is the Ideal 4-way Locking Cat Door.

Q: Why would someone decide to choose the keyed lock option for their Fast Fit door?

A: If you enter and exit your house using the sliding glass door, then you will want to have a way to lock up the from the outside when you leave. Because the lock from your slider doesn't mate with the dog door in sliding glass door, you'll want to add the keyed locking option, which does make the panel custom and non-returnable.

Q: What is the Ideal VPP Vinyl dog doors for sliding doors?

A: The Ideal VPP dog door is a less expensive alternative to the Ideal VIP 150 dog door.  The VPP panel has single pane glass rather than the VIPs double pane.  Also the second difference is the VPP panel includes the Ideal "Original" flap assembly rather than the more efficient Ideal Ultra-flex dog door.

Q: What is the Ideal VIP 150 Hefty Cat Patio Pet Door?

A: The Hefty Cat Flap will accommodate large cats and small dogs with a generous opening of 7 1/2" x 10 1/2". The glass is dual pane "Low e" and the framing is vinyl which adds to the insulation value, as it performs better than aluminum framing. It also has a locking mechanism that utilizes some existing locks. The VIP Hefty Cat Panel Pet door installs 'semi-permanently'. However, the latches for fastening it in place are hidden inside the jamb, so there are no visible screw holes.

Q: Does the Ideal VIP 150 have single pane or dual pane glass?

A: The VIP 150 is dual pane, with low e glass, but the Ideal VPP Panel is single pane for the more climates.

Q: What type of flap does the Ideal VIP 150 Patio Dog Door come with?

A: It comes with the Ideal UltraFlex flap. This three part flap is made of very strong polycarbonate blocks with flexible hinges between them. The polycarbonate blocks are hollow so they improve the insulation value, kind of like dual pane glass.  There is plastic weather strip around the flap to provide for a good seal.

Q: What is unique about the Ideal VIP 150 Patio Panel?

A: This door can actually mate with an existing sliding door lock. This is specific for vinyl doors, and the VIP will only work if it is semi-permanently installed in a sliding glass door with a track between 1 ½” and 1 ¾” wide.

Q: Besides the material it’s made from what makes vinyl framing different from aluminum,?

A: Vinyl framing insulates better than conventional metal framing and you won't get condensation from cold weather. It will also match your existing vinyl sliding glass door, creating a more holistic and professional look.

Q: What are the extension options for the Ideal VIP 150 panels if the height range is just a little too short?

A: The P height adjustment range (76  3/4" - 78 1/2") has an extension option of 78 3/4" - 80 1/2". The S height adjustment range (92 3/4" - 96 1/2") has an extension option available of 94 3/4" - 96 1/2". You are getting about 2" of additional height.

Q: What are the color choices for the Ideal VIP 150 Panel?

A: The only color choice is off white.

Q: How does the VIP 150 install into the sliding door?

A: The VIP 150 installs semi-permanently. The latches for fastening it in place are hidden inside the jamb and there are no visible screws and no visible drilling holes.

Q: Is there a locking mechanism included on the VIP 150?

A: Yes, this dog door actually has the capability to mate with an existing locking mechanism.  You would want to double check the installation instructions that we have on the site to make sure that your lock will work with it.

Q: Is the Ideal VIP 150 Hefty Cat Patio Door Flap flexible or rigid?

A: The Hefty Cat Flap is rigid.


Q: What type of flap does the PetSafe Freedom Patio Doggy Door have?

A: The Petsafe Freedom Patio door has a single flap that is flexible, tinted, and made from vinyl material.

Q: How does the PetSafe Freedom Patio Doggy Door install on sliding glass doors?

A: This doggy door must be installed semi-permanently as the lock would not work if the doggy door was not fixed into the track.  This does involve some drilling so you would need to have the necessary handy skills or hire a professional.

Q: Does the PetSafe Freedom doggy door have a locking mechanism on the sliding glass door?

A: Yes, the Freedom dog door panel comes with a locking mechanism that can be attached to your slider. The mechanism provided to lock your sliding glass door to the panel can be installed on the left or right depending on how your slider is configured.  It consists of a lock mounted on the doggy door and a bracket mounted on the sliding glass door with sheet metal screws.  With this the dog door would have to be semi-permanently installed.


Q: How does the Hale Standard Patio Doggy Door install into sliding glass doors?

A: For the Hale Standard Patio Doggy Door, semi-permanent installation is required because the built-in locking mechanism mates to the 'adapter channel', which is how you would lock it to the slider.  You can check out the installation instructions we have on the site for a more detailed description.  The installation of this door requires several tools and quite a bit of labor to install. The tools required are a hacksaw, a drill and a screwdriver. Take a look at the instructions on our site, where we provide a step by step guide along with pictures to help get you through this installation process.   


Q: Does the Hale Standard have a locking mechanism when installed in a sliding door?

A: Yes, there is a pre-mounted panel lock and it also comes with a locking cover for the flap if you need to close off the opening for the pet.

Q: Does the Hale Standard Patio Pet Door utilize double flaps?

A: Yes there are double flaps, and there are multiple magnets and weather stripping to help with insulation.  If you need to buy Hale replacement flaps, you will need to purchase two because they are sold individually.  One as an inside mount and one as an outside mount.

Q: How do I decide which direction my slider closes?

A: This needs to be done while you are on the inside of the house looking out.  You do need to specify whether your slider closes to the left or to the right so that they can mount the lock correctly.

Q: Why is looking from the inside important when installing the Hale Standard?

A: The doggy door for sliding door lock is mounted when you order based upon which direction your door is going to close and it is NOT reversible.  Since the return policy on this Hale custom door panel is pretty strict you want to make sure that it’s right the first time.

Q: What is the return policy for the Hale Standard?

A: These dog doors are all built custom to your specifications, so returns will be allowed a 50% credit toward the purchase of a different Hale dog door.

Q: What are the color choices for the Hale Standard Dog Door?

A: The frame color choices for this doggy door are brushed aluminum, bronze, white and Arizona beige.

Q: How does the Hale Omni Panel doggy door install into sliding glass doors?

A: The Hale Omni sliding door doggie doors can be installed semi-permanently, but it is considered temporary since you can take it in and out.

Q: How easy is the installation for the Hale Omni Panel?

A: The installation for this door can be relatively easy depending on how handy you are. You will need a wrench to install it. On our site you can find step by step installation instructions with pictures going along with each step.

Q: What flap does the Hale Omni Panel use?

A:  This door comes with a clear vinyl, flexible, double flap design. It uses the standard Hale replacement flap.

Q: What is the return policy for the Hale Omni Panel?

A: You would only be allowed a 50% credit toward the purchase of another Hale dog door, because each Omni doggie doors for sliding door is custom made.

Q: Does the Hale Omni Panel have a locking mechanism?

A: Yes, it is locked by means of a drop bar type lock that is installed behind the slider, like a charley bar.  This is why we need what is called the “G” dimension, or the measurement from the back of the slider to the jamb past the stationary slider:

hale omni panel locking mechanism

Q: What are the color choices for the Hale Omni cat door for sliding door?

A: The color choices for the frame are brushed aluminum, bronze, white, and Arizona beige.


Q: Is the Pride Patio Panel dog door installation Semi-permanent or temporary?

A: The Pride patio doggy doors for sliding glass doors can be installed semi-permanently or if you need to take it in and out often you can make it more of a temporary installation. There are two pieces and the top and bottom that can be adjusted in order to fit the track.

Q: What kind of flap does the Pride Patio doggie doors for sliders have?

A: The Pride Patio doggie door sliding glass door utilizes the two piece Pride Flap. This is a thicker, black, heavy rubber. This means that has an inner flap and what is called a “U” shaped gasket piece that goes around the inner flap to help seal it up with magnets.

doggie door pride flap

Q: What is the return policy for the Pride Patio Panel?

A:  This product can be returned within 30 days of you receiving it.

Q: Does the Pride Patio pet door sliding glass door have a locking mechanism?

A: This door has a pin lock for a house locking method and also comes with a fiberboard locking cover for the flap opening.

Q: What are the color choices for a Pride doggy door for my slider?

A: The frame color options are brushed aluminum, bronze, white, black, adobe and tan. There is also a frosted glass window option as well for privacy.

Q: Can the Pride Locking Cover be used on both sides?

A: Yes, the Pride locking cover can be placed on either side. However, we recommend that it should be used on the same side as the dog, since the flap is black they won’t be able to see it if it’s on the opposite side and you don’t want them to go banging into it.

Q: What is the adjustment range for the Pride Patio Panel?

A: The adjustment range is 78 1/2" - 81".


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