Electronic Dog Doors & Cat Doors | Microchip Activated, Automatic & Smart Pet Doors

  • Let your pets out without letting unwanted critters in
  • Uses collar keys, RFID keys, and microchip technology to give your pet exclusive access inside and out
  • Perfect for elderly pets and multi-pet families

Do you want the freedom of a pet door but you worry about neighborhood cats or other critters entering your home? Do you have a cat that you want to keep in while you let the dogs out? Would you just feel more secure without an unlocked dog door leading into your home? An electronic, magnetic, RFID chip, or even motorized dog doors or cat door may be for you.

The smaller doors operate by the pet pushing through the flap once activated, whereas some of the larger options (like the High Tech) are fully motorized and will raise or lower for the pet. The motorized option is recommended if you have a more timid or elderly pet who has trouble pushing through a pet flap. It also has its own self-locking cover built-in, meaning you don't have to keep track of a separate piece. There are no cat-specific motorized options, so keep in mind that the collar key or smart key might be a bit bulky for them to wear. All of the large electronic doors will be collar activated, as there are no microchip options for larger dogs.

Pay close attention to measuring for size. Microchip technology is not compatible with larger dogs due to its limited frequency range. When selecting an electronic pet door, you'll also want to consider the power source, spare collar keys, locking mechanisms, and opening methods. These all play a role in the success of your door. Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Microchips and Pets to help guide your decision and find the best electronic dog door for you.