Plexidor Cat Doors for Doors

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  • One of the most indestructible cat doors on the market
  • Features super strong shatter resistant panels
  • Hefty aluminum framing comes in 3 color options
  • Panels lined with high density nylon for superior draft control
  • Incorporates a built-in turn style lock

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Plexidor Cat Doors for Doors

plexidor cat door for doors

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  • One of the most indestructible cat doors on the market
  • Features super strong shatter resistant panels
  • Hefty aluminum framing comes in 3 color options
  • Panels lined with high density nylon for superior draft control
  • Incorporates a built-in turn style lock

Plexidor Cat Doors for Doors

There's no need to settle when it comes to your convenience, and your cat's comfort. The Plexidor Cat Door is a high quality, self-framing cat door designed to be installed in hollow or solid core doors (0 to a maximum thickness of 1 3/4").

The flap, mounted on springs, opens from the side much like a regular door. The clear, rigid acrylic flap is relatively easy to push, and because it's hollow tends perform better insulation wise. They are also surrounded by a fuzzy nylon weather stripping to top it off. This makes the Plexidor easier for your cat to use, while not sacrificing your energy bills.

A built in 4-way locking device allows you to control access for your cat, and eliminates the need for a separate locking cover.

Customer Reviews

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  • Cats love it review by Joan
    5 5 Cats love it

    My cats love it. I have an enclosed front porch that is their domain, and the door gives them the freedom to come and go as they please. This is actually the second door I have owned. The first one was used almost 30 years, and when we did some remodeling I decided it was time for a new door.

    (Posted on 10/11/2016)

  • AMAZINGLY Bull Terrier Proof review by hugajudge
    5 5 AMAZINGLY Bull Terrier Proof

    I have 2 English Bull Terriers (they're a rowdy breed :-) ) These 2 like to run full speed across the house and hit the doggie-door at warp 6! I've had this door for 9 years now, no repairs, all original, and it is still as solid as the day I installed it.

    It holds closed in the wind, it stands up to Mid-Missouri's summer heat and winter sleet, it is the best money I could have spent.
    PlexiDor may be more expensive than those hardware store doors but my goodness, they pay for themselves in utility savings and durability.
    I'm getting ready to build a new house and I've already told the builder to make room for a PlexiDor. It's the first thing I thought of when I started planning the construction.

    (Posted on 7/6/2016)

  • This is one awesome doggie door review by Crazy Dog
    5 5 This is one awesome doggie door

    we bought this doggie door for our 5-ton army truck ("CRAZY DOG") which we turned into a camper. we installed it in the back of the cab and allows the dogs (All 3 of them) to come visit us in the cab on long trips. it is durable, stands up to the beatings from the truck while off road and is very weather proof (I say proof and not resistant here too!) the lock is very well made, the doors are just awesome, and on hot days when we don't have the dogs we leave it unlocked and it provides vent path for cooling off the inside of the cab! ha-ha

    you are going to pay for this little work of art but its worth every cent! I wish we could attach a pic but I think we just about said it all above!

    (Posted on 4/2/2016)

Your Maximum Pet Size Cats
Climate Suitability Temperate-3 Season
Wind Resistance Average
Sealing Value High
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 0

Plexidor Cat door for door instructions:

1. Position the template on the door so that the top of the cut out line is at least 1” above the tallest part of your cat’s back.  And make sure that the bottom of the cut out is no lower than 3” from the bottom of the door.  This will protect the integrity of the house door you are installing the Plexidor into.

2. Take a center punch and make a good indent in the center of the seven pilot holes that you see in the corners on the template. If you do not have a center punch then you can use a hammer and nail instead.

3. Remove the template from the door.

4. Next you will need to drill through the people door using a ⅝” diameter drill bit to make each of the 7 holes.

5. With a felt tip pen and ruler connect the holes for the sawing lines, these is the set of dashed lines on the template.

6. Take your jigsaw and cut along the lines to make your opening.

7. To clean the cut out you will now need to square up the rounded corners and can use a rasp or chisel.

8. For doors less than 1-¾” you will need to use wood shims to build out the people door to that thickness.

9. If your door has panels the best way install the door is to straddle the recessed parts of one panels so that the cat door sits on the flat area on the middle, on the side, and below the recessed panel. The kitty door frame will cross the recessed area on the top, so there will be a gap at the top. To fill this gap get shims and cut them to fit into the gap between the pet door and the recessed panel. When the gap is pretty close to filled, use caulk in the remaining areas to seal it up.

10. Take the inside frame (the one with the flap) and place it in the hole.  Make sure that the springs are on the top and bottom of the door.  The door will not work properly if the flap is hanging incorrectly.

11. Take the four screws, and holding the door in place screws in the holes.

12. Next take the four outside trim pieces and screw them onto the the inside frame.  Make sure that you have the angled guttering piece on the top.

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